Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tip Toe

I often try to watch my mouth, as in what I say. Especially around people I do not know or have just met, and Im trying to work on my whole "making friends" bit. But sometimes I just can not wrap my head around what people say...maybe theres a little bit of being lost in the translation-ness because after all we all come from different up bringings and beliefs, WHO am I to judge. In fact Im no one to judge Im sure many of you think what I say sometimes is soo off the wall, that my beliefs are strange to say the least and have formed a not so great opinion of myself and my family. Right?
But really sometimes I just want to get inside a persons head and understand where in the world they form the sentences that come out of their mouth. UNderstand the concept to which they've formed their ideas.~~sigh~~
A rough couple of years has led me to become a very different person, not only in myself, but as a mom, as a wife and a woman. Things are seen more logically~~~good thing?~~~perhaps.
But As I sit here now at 6am staring out my window from my bed, loving the sight of Fort Irwin in the wee hours of the morning, Im thankful for the road that has led me here with my family. Making new friends, understanding a new way of life. Even if that means I must Tip Toe around for a while. Cant start of new life being labeled! not yet anyway :)