Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prevention is better then a cure...

Been thinking a lot about life, life Goals, faith, happiness, family, relieving stress...LIFE really. I think back to my life as a child, teen, single, now Wife and mom and see how much has changed, good and bad. Where is it that this long road is taking me? How do I need to live to Make it all it can be? Trying to always think positive, and reenforce it in my family...Things will always get better, life can change in a moment, we are healthy and together. WE ARE WE ARE WE ARE a happy family.

Positive re-enforcement is the Key, the key to good energy, the key to a good day, a relaxing night and fulls night sleep. We need to step out of the box of doubts and troubles and walk into the light of love~~Love for yourself and love for your life~~

recently I had been reminded that no matter what I feel ive have been wronged by, no matter how much bad stuff I feel Ive went thru, that I have bounced back I have grown up. That there are people out there that have had it worse then I have ever had it. That Even still, I can be a leader and remind people that the past make us who we are, the present defines out future, and our future should always be worth living For. Prevention is Better then a cure. So lets start each day off with a smile, with quiet happy thoughts, with self love and love for others, no hate in our hearts, no vengence in our minds, lets cast out all our cares and live a life we can be proud of.