Thursday, September 23, 2010

life is as life dreams....

I received my package about the Cochlear implant today, the one thats tiny and water proof(thanks AUnt Pam). The Package was amazing, has a DVD to watch but thats going to have to wait till my husband is home. Came with a coloring story book about it and ALL the info you could want about the product. Hoping if Sophie qualifies for the implant that this one is covered by our insurance. Finally UCLA received our referral and now we just have to send the fax of her orginal test results before we can schedule an APPT. Early intervention finally called for her info today and once we get the UCLA appt we can set one up for a consult with her speech therapist. Phew~~ Meanwhile shes amazing and is nothing less then a normal Tot, she even back talks in Sign language!! sometimes you cant help but smile during that tho At least its signs she understands. I love that All my children can make me laugh out loud at least 5 times a day...pure Bliss.

Meanwhile Im starting to grasp this whole Paranormal activity thats got a hold of our house right now, and the more I look into it and research and think about it, I realize its just my life, my life is a powerful source for what ever is linguring. The stress we have with all thats going on, the fact 3 kids live here, the fact Im sensitive to it, the fact we live on very historical land...everything....ahhhhh to one day rid it will be a relief.