Thursday, January 13, 2011

akjhfksjhfoei....Just Words!

Simple, Beautiful, Inspired
Tangled, Unsure, pitiful and Tired.
Hope, Endeared, Soft
Tragic, Seamless, Unseen and Lost.

Unknown, forgotten, Sad, Painful!
Trembling, NO focus, Short on Time but Special.

She sat under the Iron Stair case, shivering and tired.
Her mind wondered as she closed her eyes to dream.
Her Past, Though short could make the strongest stomach, squeem.
She ran hard and she ran fast toward life that was inspired.
Still lost in a world of the unfamiliar,she would dance.
Dance, gracefully in the pale moon light.
Peace would come to her and her worries take flight.
This renewed Girl, with Power and faith had taken her 2nd chance.
Oh, that pale moon light! The Stories It has seen.
Of that of this young girl whos will to Change grows each day.
For this she knows, nothing comes easy, as they say.
oh, that pale moon light! Let your star dust beam!

To know what is in ones heart, to know it well and hold it close.

To know the heart of whom you love...That track seems never ending.