Thursday, January 27, 2011

Would you like some poetry?

Pitter patter, Pitter patter
Of tiny little Feet.
Honey Dews, and I love yous'
from minature faces, so sweet!

Wrestling matches,foot ball catches
from pint sized girls are fine.
barbie dolls, to soccer balls
being a tomboys not a crime.

No PEAS, just Candy please
sometimes I want to scream
They have my heart no matter what
these little girls came from my dreams.

Pitter patter, Pitter patter
of tiny little feet
from left hooks to barbie books
they make my life so sweet!

Life, Oh Life, yes life, the things that you have brought
the joys ive shared, the danger I darned, dreams that I have sought.
It all began one early spring day,with Sun high in the sky.
That Life, OH life, life did bring.
To me something so sureal.Love. yes love, For I can not Lie.
I never saw it coming, though sometimes i wish I did.
For life, oh life, life did bring
His Smile, so enticing, his charm, undeniable,humor never Dry.
We met oh that fare day, with the sun high, and still this day we,
life, Oh Life, yes Life, we are still one! A family you have brung.
Im forever grantful of the chances we had taken,this life we started making. The Hope, the Love, The life, the future all worth saving.
Life, Oh Life, yes life, Forever and ever changing!

Falling down, broken, powerless, alone.
To never more see myself, except on the the floor.
I close my eyes and reach up, waiting for that hand.
To clasp with mine, but nothing, not even a grain of Sand
I do not feel. I do not sleep. I do not know. Who am I now?
I scream, I scream, A plead and cry, no one hears no matter how loud.
I wait, in tears, I sob in sheets, Still All I have ever known is out of reach
One day with faith, and hope and Strength, Ill peal myself from this tear soaked Floor.
Ill stand up tall, Ill wipe my eyes, put on a smile and walk out the door.
With this life etched on my skin, to remind me daily of where I've been.
Ill wear it proud, like a badge of honor, Smile, yes smile and ponder.
Where I would be if I stayed down, soaking wet there on the ground.
still, Im not there anymore, I did get up, this life I live for.
I would not take back any time, This life,YES! This is mine!

All Written By ME! Like it, OR dont!