Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Because

Is it Chance? is it fate? is it part of a master plan? That we are "given" to certain people in this World. that we are Children of certains, Friends with Certains, Lovers of Certains? And For What reason should life, at times be so trying? For What reason do we need to see hopes and dreams and lives shattered? For us to Grow? To Learn a lesson? Why must people suffer...any kind of suffering!? Why must a word exist?
I have tons of questions for my Savor!!!!

In our Suffering, is that humanity!? is that what brings us a brighter light? Turns our simple-mindedness into extreme ability to COPE?
I dont know!
Im not smart, Im a jumble minded Writer, who puts random thoughts together...its my outlet when I cant think Clear.

To every question theres not an answer but for every answer there is a question right?? I wish we could start with the answer and work our way backwards to the question. AHHHHH to Life. AHHH to complexity at its finest and simpleness at its purest.

Well I Dont always make sense, I leave people scratching their own heads, asking themselves, WHAT IS BECCI ON? And thats ok, thats me...thats my art! Writing is my passion, tho I have spent Years upon years pushing it away! Every now and Then it finds me again and I see a piece of it at my finger tips...unsure of where to go with it! So I just mumble in my Blog. Knowing that very few souls like me, will understand it and love it! Just because...