Monday, July 25, 2011

end all to my be all. for now!!!

Its kind of a rough morning.

Barely slept. Had a the weight of the world it seemed on my shoulders.

With trying to cute back on my posting in Facebook, I find myself here. When im alone, and Not sure how to clear my mind. My Go to- fix it, is writing. Truth is, Feeling a bit lost, not posting a new STATUS update. How lame is that? Since when did Facebook, take over my mind!
Were it not my main communication with Friends and family afar, and were it not how I allow them to kind of keep tabs on the kids...then RIGHT NOW, RIGHT THIS MOMENT, I WOULD DELETE MY ACCOUNT.
Its taking up space...waste of time for the most part.

And Really...No one cares what I have to say. Its no ones business at that.
Im just asguilty for being nosey, and a cyber facebook stalker...

But it really is sad, when im moreinterested in what my "like" fan pages have going on and say,then those who are on my friendslist.

Lets be real. its fun while it lasts, but when Im not caring what status' say and only care when im in a messaging "WAR" lol with people I do care about, IM BORED OUT OF MY MIND. And Really, could do the same VIA email. YAHHHHOOOOOOOOO

PLay games...not as much anymore, the ones I was addicted too, now~ UGH Im trailing the leader bored and NOT CARING.

Maybe when Im out of my current end all and start over idealistic phase, and NOT truly sucking in this funk of mine, Ill be back on the facebook wagon. The tangent of status updating and cyber stalking my loved ones.

Till then Im laying off a bit, keeping it minimal and short and sweet and hidden. But really its going to be a change, to not run to the computer to sign in because...Ill have nothing to do. Love being a stay at home mom right now, but there are dull moments.

I should spend this time wisely with studying and trying to nail down a plan for my career future....

So heres to trying my anti-facebook run...prolly wont last long tho :)
and because im not sharing this post on FACEBOOK, lets see if I get anyone to read it LMFAO!!!!!