Tuesday, July 26, 2011

just a Tuesday

Today, Not much has happened.
Did another work out. Slowly but surely getting myself prepped for the BIG work outs I want to start. Yesterday was Abs with Denise Austin, and TOday was my Kettle bell work out. All before the kids got out of bed.
That Kettle bell surely makes my heart race. and boy did I sweat.
Been cutting back on my eating habits and looking into more "CLEAN" eating. I really need to just stick the clean eating for a month and I know it will make me feel better a nd not want those bad sweets and salt again.
Doing all the studying and research I can do TO melt my fat and get me healthy. As much as people hate hearing these words Im going to say them
"im pre-diabetic" I can feel it, see it, with my night sweats and sugar dropping, hunger and bathroom breaks at night. Its exhausting. I LOVE FOOD, thats my problem. Now I just need to enjoy the right FOODS.

Meanwhile, GOT GREAT NEWS TODAY. Housing for living on post Called.
Our new home at Madigan will be ready some where between the 15th and the 20th...YAY!!!!!!!!! Im so excited! SO excited. And Perfect timing too before matt leaves on his Army training session to Indiana...Though it sucks he'll be gone during my birthday, its nice Ill be able to just unpack and hang things on the bare walls and make it look like a home sweet home, for when he gets Back. Ill miss him terribly. We havenet spent nights apart since last winter when he was Out in the field training at Irwin. The kids will make me bonkers, but we will be on base...GREAT PARKS, the Splash Park, Heather and make new friends to keep close by!

I so badly want to join the Derby team as well. So between moving on post, working out and clean eating I should get it DONE! How cool it will be to skate out some stress and enjoy girl time!!!!!!