Friday, July 22, 2011

lets talk about...

Traditionally, I blog about "FEELINGS" ohhh yes those annoying things that RULE my life and get in the way or stear me, left, right, up, down. I blog Mostly about Sophie and the Journey, then next about ALL kids. Then my life as mom and wife. Army life and So on. Basically whatever is going on that put me in the Blogger Mode. Writing, Whether Im good or Bad at it. Is Who I am. Grammatically I SUCK! No one has to remind me of that...nor the fact I cant spell, and Not all my thoughts are thought out evenly. But...I Write, therefore I am. (Jenny, you know this to be most true)
Tonight, However Gypsy has been on my mind. Well, Truthfully the last few nights, but Ive got the time right now to type.
Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy! my beautiful, Loveable, Kitty! Weird right? Most of you who know me well, Know Ive NEVER NEVER NEVER been a cat person...DOGS all the way. And it didnt Help that I am HIGHLY allergic to Cats. My face would swell and eyes red and sneezey and itchy and dry closing throat. I distinctly remember spending the night at my Neighbors house in Howells one night. they had Cats. By BED TIME I WAS HORRIBLE. Everyone slept so sound and there I was Basically hanging my head out the bedroom window, IT WAS SO COLD, but it was the only way I could breathe. Dont even get me started with Kitten dander (as if its different then adult cats...I dont know)I react faster and worse with them. When i lived at Matts parents house I LIVED on benadryl in the evenings, SO BAD that Im not lieing when I say I had to detox when I moved out,because it helps me sleep and without the addiction I had of it I COULDNT SLEEEEEEP.
Back to Gypsy...
When I was pregnant with Ryan, I think there was this switch that got flipped. I was researching Siamese Cats. Wanted one so bad. And then when we moved to California, there was one att he vet needing a home! But of course ihad one giant turd in the way ...REESE. She eats cats.
Never bothered, and still I wanted one. Then When we no longer had Her and got perris We thought about a cat. Saw A beautiful GIANT one at Petsmart. HUGE HUGE but...didnt feel right.
Then that Fateful day when I stumbled on the Ad on a yardsale website of a family needing a home for their 5 month old cat. Wanted nothing in return for her...or her things. SHE was beautiful. Convinced Matt and I went with Sophie to pick her up.
For was love at first scratch...for The Cat who was named Mittens (blahhhh)at the time IT WAS NOT! she was SCARED TO PIECES, took 20 mins to get her out of van and 2 days before she came out for more then 3 minutes from under the couch. Slowly she got familiar with our loud family and new scents. Now, As a previous Dog person, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CATS. Are they Loyal? do they get excited to see you!? I dont know!
When Irene came and saw Gypsy before they moved...they loved her. But knew that Mittens wasnt the right name, and together we tried to think of something smart...eventually getting Gypsy. And it suites her, as we are prepping for another move on Base, it will be her 4th move if you include our time spent in the hotel. She and perris get along pretty well, playing, fighting, humping. Tho As A result Gyp has some brutal scars on her ears from EVIL little Rat Dog. I dont know what it is now, but all dogs of all sizes DRIVE ME INSANE. I HAVE NO DESIRE or WILL to be around them...they suck. Its feels to me like out of NO where Im a batty cat lady...but hey thats FINE WITH ME.
Gyps has shown me all of her sides. Shes testy with the kids now and then,cuz they are rough. She play bites with matt but with me...shes a sweetie. Although most of the time Im not left alone...not even in the bathroom, where she assumes position on my shoulders...YES SHOULDERS!!!
I do have my moments of dry nose and throat with her, some itchy eyes now and then, but nothing Like Ive experienced in the past...Shes super clean and So am I when it comes to making sure I wash my hands after loving her and not having her near me when I eat. shes quirky like me. Loves Fruit and Gold fish crackers. and cuddle time...Dawn will be surprised When I say,Idont even mind her up on my counter (unless Im cooking)
Love my Gypsy! Couldnt have asked for a better First real pet as a cat!

and shes so not a DIVA...she shys away from the camera ;)