Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Round 1

Well, we survived the first round of new appointments for Miss Sophia. I cant say ENOUGH right now about the kids new Doctor. Dr. Redick. At first he was not listed as our primary for them. But after sitting and talking with him yesterday we were more then thrilled that he asked us if we would like to switch to be under HIS CARE. Positive thing being hes awesome and personable, but he just arrived here at Lewis, SO i know he wont be moving on to a new base anytime soon! And Sophie likes her Familiars.

He sat with us, talked to us about why we were there, Sophies history, and what we want from her future. He even understood WHY I was on the fence about the implant. Taking the conversation into his own hands, stating that it can be a daunting under taking, and The companies boast about the Positives, and the deaf community talks about how its against them. HE KNEW RIGHT WHERE I WAS COMING FROM.

Madigan army Medical Center~*~*~

He understood, that I dont want stastics,I dont want positives, or negatives really, I want reality. Reality about the life a 2-12 year old would under take with the methodology of having that type of Hearing instrument. I want to HEAR a recipient speak about the therapies and the hardships of learning to listen and then speaking. Because its reality!

Sophie Has no memory of sound. I know her first time Will be scary and then exciting.

So Dr Redick put the referrals in, and we get to make appts from them after Monday! YAY! Appointments for New Audiology, New ENT, New Otolarynologists, and NOW also for A review by the Physical therapy department, to see if theres some Exercises we can do with Sophie for her balance. Even tho we know her balance is an inner ear relation, Practice cant hurt!

My little Sophie Ge-Ge only weighs......26 pounds! lol. Shes lost weight with her picky typical 2 year old eating and just seems to be short :) NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. So got 4 shots yesterday and has a low grade fever as a result, poor thing got them in the legs and couldnt even get up on Sofa by herself last night :( But positive...she wanted to be snuggled.

So Im hoping by Mid-August we will have our first Audio appointmet and new hearing AIDS as her are already broken and looking like a snug fit in those little ears.

So...Its not a definite yes on the implants, but gradually as time is now closing in on us and appointments are ready to be made, Im leaning MORE toward the implants. Regardless to the odd implant dreams I have and terrors about it! Maybe it is the right thing.

Im thankful for a smart understanding Childrens Doctor right now, and Hoping the specialists are just as Great (raising hands up in Sign Language)