Wednesday, July 27, 2011


For the first time, EVER DID i look at my reflection and see the possiblities. Now, With Losing weight, Ive struggled...NO LIE and its Obvious. I love my Food and the thought of Cutting back on my vices Is Hard, BUT it must be done. Before, I could close my eyes and Picture myself healthy,lean and happy with my body. I could close my eyes and see myself leading others to the same accomplishment...but not once did I ever see it in my REAL own reflection.
That is until today~ Stupid as it is, I dont follow a video, or a rigorous plan on working out just yet.~ I follow my body. I blast Pandora Radio with up beats I can work my muscles to. I Literally Dance around, Flexing muscles and extending muscles. moving to raise my heart beat and Feel the sweat. Dance Form, isnt perfect, BUT secretly IM A REALLY GOOD DANCER. This Chubs got skill ;) Belly Rolling, Hip Hop on my own comes pretty natural. Definitely NOT a pro on the dance side...I dont know terms or names of moves BUT WHO The hell cares, My kids are the only ones who see it! Which side note, Today for the First time ever Ryan Bopped to the music with me...LOOKED SO CUTE
With my Dance Circuits, I use ab moves, Belly dance, and cut with a kettlebell, MY MOST FAVORITE TOOL. Kettlebell is hard, and hardcore when Done properly. Nice to know in my studies Ive learned a good deal about technique.
I have a long way to go, BUT im getting there. Im working towards it. I will be almost to my Goal by NEW YEARS 2012.

The sweat feels amazing <3