Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Is it true...That which isnt easy, makes us stronger?
Sometimes I wonder about all these Crazy sayings. Why do we try and live in a world of denial.

Life is hard and thats all thats too it. Still, I find myself chanting those very inspired sayings, after singing those low blues tunes.
Cliche in the very most.

Its moments like last night. When I fight with the one Person Im drawn to, that makes me torment myself all over again. We dont Always least night real fights. But Last night, When I walk away, and close myself off and not want to speak anymore, thats when its bad. When,I look at him and say..."DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?"
and Im not innocent, I say things that he says are RUDE, but I get to a breaking point I guess.
Call me crazy but I hate fighting.
In the end we went to bed not fighting, but Im sure, HE too,just like me was thinking about the issue at hand. Still, I fell asleep and Slept decent enough to not let the confrontation Bother me.

Life...All these highs and lows are part of I love my life. Hard at times, boring at others, fun and exciting. Interesting and Full of support and love. But it can be work. ANd it can get exhausting. And I think.............Its super normal.

So,off to greet the rest of the day. Fill it with my Kids laughter and Enjoy the time we are together. They are growing fast and soon will all be in school and not want much to do with their old parents!