Sunday, July 24, 2011

planting seeds.

If I had a nickel for everytime I wanted to move. Money would never be an issue. Satisfaction, doesnt seem to come easy to me. Im the World Worst.."be-er". hmmm my play on "Do-er/go-getter"

Traveller life is so appealing to me. I root myself in my family. These Kids of mine, my Husband. Not the land. Had i known how strong these feelings were back in high school, im sure My career would have definitely been about Traveling.

What I've come to realize is that. This Family runs. We find ourselves in a situation we arent comfortable with, and want to run and try something new. Only to wind up either, still not happy, or Back IN New York. Doesnt boade well with us. The Thought of Going HOME. HOME to where our family began is so tempting. But, When has it ever did us any good?

In the army now. Hard, low rank...HARDER. Family of 5 EVEN HARDER. As thoughts of wanting to run from the Army, and get out and thinking of every stupid possible reason WHY, to make us feel like...the right choice is to leave it in the past. MAY not be the right PATH.
We were thinking LOCALLY, NY because we know it, and we can Tolerate staying put for the benefit of the kids.
Meanwhile, in Hinde site...MAYBE those roots we hate to plant, shouldnt be focused on where to plant for consistance in geographical location, but more in rooting in a career path that benefits As A whole, and Teach our Children, instead of always leaving...FINALLY sticking it out. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. If we canstick out the next few rough years as Matt moves up in rank...and it only gets better then we will be successful at that new goal. Instead of AGAIN trying to start over in Middletown.
Think this is a healthier plan. A sensible plan. Instead of Trying to have a quick financial FIX...the long term benefits would be more full-filling. And Bonus we can to continue moving and moving and moving.

So, Planting my feet in God, in the Faith I have and in this Family.
Taking Pride it what it means...being in the service of our Country