Monday, December 5, 2011

A day in the life of a deaf Arizonian


neckwear is Bola Tie
State Gem is Turquoise
state tree is Palo Verde
state bird is the Cactus Wren
state Flower is Blossom of the Saguaro cactus
state mammal is the Ring tail
State Fish is the Apache Trout
State reptile is the ridge nosed Rattle snake.
census rang in at over 6 million residents
State capital if you havent already guess is Phoenix.

Yes Im listing facts about Arizona.

Why? Ill get to the WHY! Soon. Though you've guess it already most likely as I have already stated this in previous blogs.

Arizona observes Mountain Standard Time on a year round basis. The one exception is the Navajo Nation, located in the northeast corner of the state, which observes the daylight savings time change.

The Castilian and Burgundian flags of Spain, the Mexican flag, the Confederate flag, and the flag of the United States have all flown over the land area that has become Arizona.
The geographic center of Arizona is 55 miles (89 kilometers) southeast of Prescott.

Arizona's most abundant mineral is copper.
Bisbee, located in Tombstone Canyon, is known as the Queen of the Copper Mines. During its mining history the town was the largest city between Saint Louis and San Francisco.

The state's most popular natural wonders include the Grand Canyon, Havasu Canyon, Grand Canyon Caves, Lake Powell/Rainbow Bridge, Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, Monument Valley, Sunset Crater, Meteor Crater, Sedona Oak Creek Canyon, Salt River Canyon, Superstition Mountains, Picacho Peak State Park, Saguaro National Park, Chiricahua National Monument, and the Colorado River.

The Arizona tree frog is the state official amphibian. The frog is actually between three-quarter to two inches long.

The original London Bridge was shipped stone-by-stone and reconstructed in Lake Havasu City.

The capital of the Navajo Reservation is Window Rock.
The state's precipitation varies. At Flagstaff the annual average is 18.31 inches; Phoenix averages 7.64 inches; and Yuma's annual average is 3.27 inches.
Crops include 2%; pastureland 57%; forests 24%; and other uses are 17% in land-use designation.

The Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake is perhaps the most beautiful of all eleven species of rattlesnakes found in Arizona.
The colors blue and gold are the official state colors.
Located in Fountain Hills is a fountain believed to be the tallest in the world.

Four Corners is noted as the spot in the United States where a person can stand in four states at the same time.

The age of a saguaro cactus is determined by its height.
The Apache trout is considered a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act.
Arizona, among all the states, has the largest percentage of its land set aside and designated as Indian lands.
Rising to a height of 12,643 feet, Mount Humphreys north of Flagstaff is the state's highest mountain.

The Hopi Indians of Arizona are noted for growing their multicolored corn.
Oraibi is the oldest Indian settlement in the United States. The Hopis Indians founded it.
Grand Canyon's Flaming Gorge got its name for its blazing red and orange colored, twelve-hundred-foot-high walls.
Grand Canyon's Disaster Falls was named to commemorate the site of a previous explorer's wreck.
Grand Canyon's Marble Canyon got its name from its thousand-foot-thick seam of marble and for its walls eroded to a polished glass finish.

Arizona became the 48th state on February 14, 1912.
The world's largest solar telescope is located at Kitts Peak National Observatory in the city of Sells.
At one time camels were used to transport goods across Arizona.

A person from Arizona is called an Arizonan.
Phoenix originated in 1866 as a hay camp to supply Camp McDowell.

Tombstone, Ruby, Gillette, and Gunsight are among the ghost towns scattered throughout the state.
(Thanks to Arizona Fast facts Website)

DO not really find all that information interesting?
I do!

How bout this quote?
“The problem is not that the (deaf) students do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen. “- Rev Jesse L. Jackson ( American Civil Rights Activist, Minister)

Which is where Im off to next. Arizona Deaf
Funny how, next to NYC Arizona phoenix and Tuscon metro areas seem to offer and abundance of deaf support. The Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind is even Host to the berger performing arts center on their Campus!!!! PERFORMING ARTS! YES!~
Phoenix Day school runs its program for Pre-K to High school. Running Pre-k programs in 5 local area around the Metro area for youngest students to have better access closer to home. Total communication ASL, spoken and written English, sports and even culinary classes!!! Allowing the parents and students to decide the method they are most comfortable learning in. Not to mention SMALL classes and a total student body no bigger thenthe private school I attended basically my whole life.

Sequoia School for the deaf, is one of 5 charter schools located on the same Campus. Allowing the Deaf students to be in classes and among its diverse student body at all times. Mixing Classes for the hearing impaired and hearing, allowing that student to make the choice. Some hearing classes from H.H classes. Even FREE...YES FREE College courses can be taken for High school students to get a head in their college career while still in school. Free transportation and free parent and RELATIVE sign language classes. OH and did I mention A DEAF PRINCIPLE, who studied in Deaf Education. Located in Mesa, AZ and pretty easy access from the surrounding areas. How awesome it would be to give Sophie the education she will need while not taking away from Emily and Ryan. While also allowing the 3 of them to be ALL on the same CAMPUS, enjoying school together, bus together maybe even.

Hello Arizona Deaf Festival~ FESTIVAL of arts,skits, childrens programs,
MMMMHMMMM funny enough Miss Deaf Arizona 2011 WINNERS name just happens to Be SOPHIA.....ummmmm so whats that Country comedians line...Oh yea "theres your sign" bahahahahahahaha

Arizona Deaf theatre
In the
Disability Empowerment building, Phoenix Arizona!
Phoenix Deaf Community Center
Valley of the Sun signers, at
and from what I see like 10 different meetup groups revolving around sign/deaf/hear of hearing/adults/children/families.
Oh my gosh, Im jeolous a little seeing how this kind of support group setting is exactly what Ive been looking for here~

I cant believe all that I have found this morning in Arizona. It makes me raise hope tho that one day we will get down there and make it. Afford it, work it, become true Arizonians. buy our first home~
Amazing stuff. Amazing Facts about the land of Burning Sand. A place we once lived. A busy metro snow birding kind of area. But deep down, I have a feeling that with all this accessible to not just Sophie, but Emily and Ryan as well. This is a place we need to take into consideration. As I recall Arizonians are also A lot sweeter.Maybe its all that sunshine. Maybe its the extra Vitamin D. I dont know. But I do know that in my heart Finding a place where School is excellent for all my kids is key to their lives being successful. Even if I do not see all my dreams come true. The least I can do, is pave a path that my kids can accomplish it all. Providing the means for proper education and teaching them compassion and love and honor being the stepping stones!