Monday, December 12, 2011

Peace, love and happily ever after.

If you would have told me nearly 5 years ago, I'd turn into one of those Hippie Moms, I surely would have given you the stink eye, and proved how that would not take place.
Yet, here I am 3 kids later and I've found myself oddly comfortable with baby naked-ness, jarring cute "insults" like "your aura is pink and orange like a giant elephant". The thought of sending my kids to school, makes me want to sit quiet and still in meditation. lmbo~! No but seriously. The School thing truly is tweeking me out. Not just in reguards to my little deaf wonder~

No I do not spin around with streamers under the full moon, or say my Goodbye's with "namaste". At least not everyday. However, I do believe in natural remedies. I drink lemon juice just about everyday, make ginger tea to stave off the flu, now Im into the benefits of Raw honey and the "Mother" of all Apple cider vinegar. I love Yoga and I love peace ~ yea man~
Love to write. Love to sing at the top of my lungs, dance silly with my "naked" children. ;) and Im calmed by hugs. So long as their the hugs of my kids or Husband. Not so much into hugging other people, not even my friends....yea Im that weird.

I teach my kids, love and respect above all else. Tolerance and empathy. I nuture creativity over knowledge. I do not censor my children, with the exception of the "f" word and extreme extreme violence. I am not creativing bullies, but ones who know how to stand up for themselves and their families. Do support sports and art. Support the make believing and pretending, the fairy tale telling and teach that laughter is the best medicine.

We now do not worry so much about milestones according to the outside world. We worry about our childrens progress individually. Why? Because each of them are different. Your experience is not my experience and is not their experience so we put "should haves" "need to's" "why arent they's" to bed. Early intervention, while fantastic, made me upset that because Sophie, doesnt say mama, dadda, ball or up, because she doesnt tie a knot or count to 3, that shes 12monthish...(mind you this was back in April) on your cognitive thinking skills. But my Sophie, can read your mind, your body and your facial expressions before you gesture, say or point out anything. WHERES THAT ON THE LINE OF WISDOM?

I guess the point is that, I had it in my mind that structure for my kids would be a certain way. Milestones had been set in my head as a guide line for successful children. When Really, the Guideline should just be on the parent. Not on what the kids do. I mean, lets face it. Mass murders and child rapists, may have scored high on aptidue tests, reached all their infant and toddler milestones, could read by age of 4, and count in 2 languages at 2 years old....but....need I explain their path later in life~

I do not have perfect children, Im not a perfect "hippie" mom. My family has tons of ups and downs and all arounds. Success comes in many different shades of colors. Success isnt just about how much your brain can soak up...lifes too short to work work work work and not live and breathe and smile.
Its not about how many A's my kids can get in school, but the effort they are putting in to succeed. To try. To learn. To work their minds. Its not about being a Doctor, lawyer or banker. Its about being successful at what makes their lives wonderful. Sure, I'd love my kids to be world travelers, and prize novelists, Nationally reconized Ballet dancers. But its not my path to choose. My path is to be supportive, and thankful for each day with them, and for them.
If I can teach them one things It would be to Live in truth for Happiness.
You cant lie and feel good. You can't lie and be truly successful.
So Live in Truth for Happiness~ R.S.Decker

I'd rather know I spoiled my kids rotten of Peace, Love and happiness. Then force them to lose a piece of what makes them, them.

Its a part of my fear with Cochlear implants. Not so much what the implants will do, but what tasks lay in front of Sophie. The methods. The teachers, the constint doctors and check ups.
The fact that Someone else is telling me WHAT NEEDS to be Done, to make Sophie "better" "the same" "hearing" "Smart". As science works in the human brain, as too what is absorded according to age...Sophie is already "behind" in those terms. So the pushing that I already have seen with these Teachers are going to be what makes my stress cells go bonkers. Again I say dont get me wrong, obviously some sound is better then no sound. I want to hear Sophie speak. But my mommy fire gets real HOT when down falls according to scientific standards are pointed out.
Shooot, and someone telling me HOW to do something in reguards to my child. UGHHHHHHH GROWING PAINS WILL BE IN FULL FORCE WITH ME THIS 2012.

Ah well, what can I do now.Nothing but rant and rave. Complaining is 2nd nature to me. Like it or not...ha you dont have to read my blogs. When emotions run high in me theres only a few good things I can do. Re-arrange furniture and organize...which was already done this weekend. Put on make-up...that always makes me feel re-freshed, which I did first thing this morning, BAKE, but Im trying to stay away from the goods right now...AND WRITE. So I wrote. And learned a few things as I did. Writing Clears my mind, makes me dig down deep. Brings things to light and sometimes even lifts a weight off my brain, and heart. Gives me Peace. and I send it with Love, to my readers wishing them a happily ever after, that they can be proud of too :)