Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a bit of news

So even though we are not out of woods completely on the approval for Sophias implant. I wanted to share with my friends and family that Her Surgeon here At Madigan army Medical Center has agreed to implant her with the newly approved Neptune processor, By Advanced Bionics.
We are truly thrilled that he will do this for her, as it is an off the ear option for our little active monster who tugs at her ears all day long. AND hates having something attached. Not only that but it can be worn in the water, So she will beable to get ACTUAL swimming lessons, since this little bug LOVES water.
Now basically just waiting on Seattle to say yes.And Dr Crawfords Cordinator to call us back with his schedule so that we may pick our date in February for Sophies Surgery.

Things are coming along...slowly but surely.