Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Trusty ole Red Book

It wasnt until today that It hit me. ITS JUST US HERE. No friends around, no family to visit with. No bouncing from House to house, no exchanging of gifts and being stuffed with deviled Eggs and Cherry cheesecake.
So we are opting to start our own annual Traditions. Traditions that I hope we will see through until the Children Make families of their own.
So while thinking about What we can do And Having to cook our turkey a head of time, and not liking its flavor. I thought, WHY NOT slow cook the turkey in a pool of flavor and create a homemade turkey pot pie. For Christmas Day.
Im going to also try my hand at Grams Buttermilk Biscuits, and the best Chocolate Cake recipe comes from the side of Hershey's cocoa Powder. So their we go. its set and if it turns out well...TRADITION set.
So Of course I start looking up recipes for the pie crust. remembering I do not know the recipe that came from my fathers infamous RED COOK BOOK. The Trusty OLD, ratty, falling apart book. That has the best pie crust recipe in the pot pie area. SOOOOO yum. His Trusty ole Red Book is so old, its missing pages, and has hand written recipes and cut outs he has collected along the way. Black and white photos of certain recipes and I can RECALL it from my Childhood.
Which of course, makes me miss the good times with my dad. The little traditions we had as a family while I was growing up. The Video Camera always plastered to his eye every Christmas morning. The Going around the circle of us kids, allowing us to only open one gift per time. Torturing us, and prolonging the JOY. Chocolate Cream pie with Cool whip. Runny Eggs and Fatty bacon the Morning of. The Yule Log and Christmas Music playing on the TV as we opened our Gifts. Dad either Falling asleep on the sofa or purposely taking a nap. His Chocolate chip cookies. "Its a wonderful life" in the kitchen, while he was baking.
All remembering this from his trusty ole Red book pie crust recipe.

As for Traditions, I cant wait to bake cookies on Christmas EVE, let the kids open stockings and Listen to Grandma Lights Voice from "the night before Christmas" book.

Im really looking forward to this Christmas.