Monday, December 5, 2011

We can say it with Sign, CAN YOU?

Today is all about Signing.
After spending the day trying to form together a few signed English Sentences I've decided to share them with our Readers. Now, mind you, as A mom to 3 kids under 4, some of these sentences are going to be geared more toward, social behavior. Some helping Verbs. And Action words.

So, when it comes down to Sharing. We are learning to say it with sign. More then just share. We have to tell our kids that its not ok, to "take away" right.
So we sign
" do not take that away. Give the Toy to them please!"
" Lets get a game we all can play together"
" Share the toys with your sister (brother)"

Or in the mean spirit of sibling tension
"do not tease your brother"
"we do not hit in this family"
"leave them alone"
"that is not nice"
"done, now you may sit in time out"
"stop it, NOW!"
"its brothers (sisters) turn now"

Or how about its a huge mess in the livingroom
"time to clean up. Clean up, go go go"
"lets clean up together"
"Can you put this toy away for me"
"go clean your room"
"make your bed"

asking of questions
"do you want this one?"
"can you tell me in sign?"
"how do you sign language?"
"which one?"
"where does this go?"
"who is in that Picture?"
"do you like...?"

Or useful phrases when I can not always get my husbands attention
"I have to speak with you, it is important"

Then singles
"stand up"
"sit down"
"change diaper"

I do not expect Sophie to use these signs. But with in the next several months my hope is that she will start to understand them, as we use them more often.
Its a good jumping point from here, and Now this is a place I can refer back to each day.

Words, like
the, this, that, were, was, do not, can, can not. It, is, in, all parts of spoken english. And if we want Sophie to hear, speak and sign. it has been brought to our attention that Signed English, uses those helping words. In the Form in which we speak them. Where as, ASL, would leave out those "cluttering" words and switch around the word order. Example. ASL users would say "shopping me go" instead Of "Im going to go Shopping"

Now granted I do not have all these signs memorized. But now having them written out I can run through them daily. Learning as we go of course. THe best way to do it.