Thursday, April 7, 2011

As Chicks

Little Girls are rough! I'd say just as bad as boys. Always doing something to get themselves an adrenaline rush! Climbing just as high, just as many scars on Knees,elbows and hands. Jumping from the top, landing hard and laughing out of control. Just as many bloody noses and black and blue marks. Always trying to out do each other.
"old Mr Webster could never define..." the truth about Childhood, Boy or Girl! Could never guess who did what, or why! In our youth, we always test those boundaries. We live to play, we play pretend, we fall and always get back up. Shake off fears of heights and small places. Drown ourselves in ice cream and m&m's. Make prank calls and 'Tag' YOUR IT! Stay out past dark to feel like a "bad" one! Ride Bikes for fun...hide our vitamins in secret places. Count down till Summer, pass notes in school, secret code languages and CODE names for our crushes.

Its all so important. the way we play as Children. The way we grow into Snotty pre-teens and secretive teenagers. The Learning curve that honestly we all go through. Although for some its in different ways..we still experience it.
I love listening to the Kids play pirates and inter-act with their imaginary Friend Yana from a different country...New York! lol. AS Em told me.
Seeing Sophie, act in Slo-mo and run crazy. Kick her legs and giggle in excitement over nothing in the car. Ryan Chase after the Balls laughing hysterical as he pushes them further.

Its funny. Since the beginning of Spring. Ive found myself being brought back to the good years of my careless Childhood. Certain things, certain times of the evening remind me of those days. The overwhelming sensation of great-ness comes over me in those moments, makes all my cares disappear for that time. Its what I loved about Spring and Summer days as a Child, and what I love as an adult. Just before night fall, as the Sun peaks over the mountain top and the rooms glow. The family settles for Dinner and relax from the day. Perfect! Priceless! Simple!