Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who is Emily McKenzie?

Who is Emily McKenzie?
In!....Heres Why

As she is getting older. I keep seeing more and more of me in her. After All shes the oldest. And it wasnt Just her for too long. Being only 21 Months old when Sophia was born. She took to the Big sister role Right away. I dont Give Emily much responsiblity at Home. She must clean her toys up, brush her teeth, clean up her spills...that about sums it up. Its when we go out, especially to the park or someones home where they go off an play, that I tell her "its your job to keep Sissy safe, to help her and show her things and make sure friends are being nice to her". Well that role has spilled over into our house. to the point where I hear my own mothers voice coming out of me..."I am the mom you are not"...those dreaded moments where all of a sudden you are brought back to your own childhood.
Emily McKenzie as sweet and funny as she Bossy! Bossy! Bossy! Which also happens to be the most used Word by her, inregards to Matt and I parenting her :/

On the positive side. Shes super quirky just like me. Singing at random times, her own lyrics. Talking to herself. Saying weird things like "im all alone...Im all alone I cant find my kids, that makes me alone" at random times...with a very sad look on her face.

She Just reminds me soo much of myself. Its kind of funny! Shes such a doll. Wants so much to be loved and cared for. Wants to hear it and feel and see it! She wants to make sure shes never forgotten about.
My little me is turning 4 on Sunday! That amazes me! 4...really 4!!!??
Im so thankful for her. Im so Blessed. She changed my life. She changed me and made me a stronger person. She will always be My Emmiepoo.