Monday, April 25, 2011

Tearful Mommy Moments, and my middle Finger!

Today, is a day just like any other. Theres not really anything different or exciting going on. we are still in our Pj's and just been cleaning while Major Tornado's come behind me and destroy it again! So I took a break! Turned on OC housewives, of course with Captions on, because with my 3 kids running around playing "house" you cant hear a darn word.

Of course, When you sit back and take a moment just to watch little kids in action you remember that all things simple, are the most fun! They Could have a million noise making, shaking, moving on their own, talking toys,but the biggest hits will be the Old worn, Minature plastic Play house dolls(we one they fight over all the time). A man with no hands and permanent marker all over his wrestling body, a Few Balls, and empty Easter Baskets seem to be the Toys of choice! My kids can take anything and Make it Fun! They use of a jump rope as a balance Beam, The ottoman as a bed, balls as extra "Kids" and imaginary friends that come to visit! The moments that make me proud and thankful is to see my girls,play together. NICELY with out any hiccup of a fight! Then to see Ryan "try" and Join in. AS long as hes next them, minding his own business sucking on some kind of toy, or using his bottle as a travel mug, hes happy as a clam!

Of course, It was this morning as Im watching OC housewives, I had a mini-happy melt down. Sophie had Scrapped her foot outside during a friends birthday party when she took her shoes off. So a tiny piece of skin is missing, and you would think her foot was falling off. She keeps holding it and making her sad face. :) too cute! Again this morning is when sh ran to me,holding up that foot for me to magically kiss the boo-boo all better! FOR THE MILLIONITH TIME! So I kiss it and quickly off she goes to play like nothing is wrong. Which for some reason started this happy tear. Her communication with Us has gotten so much better. Yes, she has a scary crazy temper...but really more then that, shes so gentle and simple and easy. I started Crying! My kids are amazing. My family is amazing! And Though sometimes are hard and I flip out. I really couldnt ask to have it any other way! Or Any better! Attitude and All I love it dearly!

Sophies ability to be so cute! Makes me melt! She touches Ryans head with a pat and a rub. Smiles at him with such love. When she saw Emily for the first time this morning she ran to her and gave her two big hugs. Hugs daddy every time he walks thru the door. Walks him out by holding door for him and waving goodbye out the window (after she slams door behind him of course). She has Matts need for CLean and helps clean up better then Emily does, whose a natural slob like me! Is obsessed with Dr.Seuss books (mostly green eggs and ham) Loves action adventure scenes like jumping off building and seeing white water rafting, she gets her excited face on and keeps giving High fives. Finally starting to potty train (thank the Lord).
In no way shape or form does her deafness hinder who she is. Or what she wants. And fingers crossed with our help,she'll never feel it! Though, sadly kids are mean, and I see her left out a lot, with groups of kids :( and that breaks my heart! Shes resourceful and finds something to do on her own, or hangs with Ryan and I, with Adults. Who sadly to say, still arent as "accepting" of her,SOME that is! Not everyone! People are ignorate and they dont get it! Especially Women (no offense to some)they seem to be so judgemental of Children and compare and contrast and make COMPETITIONS out of everything, especially Child rearing! Which is so sad. Sometimes I want to burst out of my comfort zone and composure and SLAP a Bi-otch! Like,seriously, I could care less if your 2 year old daughter, can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious front and backwards while doing a cartwheel and blowing bubbles out their ears! really? Really? Some of them sit there smug saying "well...BLAH BLAH BLAH my son, my daughter, at their age...I never allow that, or this. " like really? Dont you see my invisble Middle FINGER WAVING AT YOU!? If I didnt have some Class, I'd never be invited anywhere!
Its like "hey thanks for trying to put my kids in a soap box"
LIke lets see...sly remarks on my parenting "oo my kids know not to write on walls even if I have to hover over them while they have crayons"...SMACK in my face because they went thru a phase. Hello its not the end of the world. Magic eraser or some paint bitch! Get over it!!!!!!!!!!
Or to be slapped in my face this weekend, while talking about the saying that while Pregnant with girls, they say they steal the mothers beauty! Someone looked at me and laughed when I said that and said
"Well then I guess they took a lot huh?".....A**HOLE! Thanks I feel so great now! again I laugh it off while putting an invisible middle finger up!
Have I mentioned how "WONDERFUL ARMY WIVES here at FORT IRWIN" are lately! *~*~GAG~*~*
So...All in all! I just love this family, and Im happy, and Im happy to spend it mostly at home, eating air popped pop corn in our Pjs watching Mickey Mouse Club house,and of course Bloggin!~

Word to the wise, if you wonder! What to say, in regards to Sophie or any other uniquely wonderful person! Never say, You feel bad, or sorry for them, or put them in a box~ Especially so young! Be it for something in life like, being deaf, blind, sick, hard time reading, spelling, OCD, CP, diabetic, ADD, ADHD, Autistic, allergies, limb issues, deformities, premies, OR whatever else "different" is out there. Just be kind, Be sweet! Be sincere! With good intentions, and never with labels. Sometimes, ignorance makes her look stupid! Sorry! If you dont like what Im saying! BUt until you know...what its like! Being insensitive and judgemental is not becoming!
Im growing a bigger pair of mommy "balls" and Dont let me catch you saying anything about my kids with any distain! OR about disablities (even small)Cuz ima be a bull!
I dont wish to change my family, just how most people immediately think! Harsh World because people dont think before they speak!