Friday, April 22, 2011


A day at the park here in So-Cal sometimes isnt as easy as 1,2,3. More often then not we hold on for dear life as we even try to pile into the Van. But We cant be couped up All day, everyday! And on those days I actually can get us all out of the house before something or someone breaks down and things go Terribly Wrong, We enjoy the Sunny life~

Then...we try to RUN! Run through that forceful Wind and well! Not always is it a success~

Other times you just Grin and Bare it~

Just put on a happy face and go with it~

We Sit in the Sun, and walk the Gravel. The Sandy Tone of Emptiness that surrounds us, Day in and day out! Climb up those Ladders and Enjoy that fearless Ride Down! Round and Round we go, till our little legs are all tuckered out!

Just another day! Just another Slide! But what brings a smile to our faces, is usually something just so Simple! So easy! So carefree!

And WHY not just smile! Just Because! Because it FEELS good!

Because At the End of the day! No Matter how Full, or how Boring! All we Have is our Family. Doesnt Matter what we do together, how much Money is in the Bank or what creditors are calling our line! We Have Each other, we and Sunshine! And Health, And Faith, and thats a good enough reason to JUST Smile! And as for that WIND...No Matter how hard it Blows! Still...We Smile!