Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I watch her twist, and turn. Smile into the air and yell (in joy) her high pitched scream. I watch her bend and scoup, then twirl and jump. Her imagination, at its wildest. She falls to the ground, kicking her legs up. Moving faster and faster Laughing at herself. So! She acts. She makes us laugh. Does extrememly funny faces and inspired motions!
Shes beautiful! Graceful! enchanting! Illuminating! Glamorous.
She does not let the hearing defeat her. She does not let the looks get her down. Her pride and joy is seen through her big brown eyes.

So when I hear "I feel bad for her" from those who dont really know her. I Brush it off. What is there to feel bad for? This is her life. This is how God intended. She is the happiest little girl, bouncing from one end of the house to the other.

Do not for Bad for her, rejoice in her delightfulness. She is a shining bright light. Those looks...those words of discouragement, those words of pitty...will be clouds over her. I refuse to let that light burn out! So stop! Before you think of how terrible it must be to be "different", think about the power and Blessings it has to be Unique!