Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z | Alicia Keys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Missing My New York. I Spent my whole life trying hard to get away! Managed it more times then I believed. MADE it all the way to the WEST coast! But! Its not all that! I have changed so much, and who would have thought I'd miss OC. ???? really I dont even believe it myself. No Matter where I am, who Im with, what outs goin on, the NEW YORK in me always shines thru! In my blood, Mid-City Water running thru my veins baby! Italian Food(y) that Built the way. Replaced O's with Aw's my whole life, left out important T's in Words and put extra A's at the end where its not needed. What can I say!?...What can I say "Wrong" according to Non-Southern New Yorkers!
Ironic? Maybe. Im the epitome of an oxy-moron. A gypsy who wants to plant Roots. An Adventurist who likes plans, A dreamer who packs a head of time. A Writer who can not spell, and hates grammar! A Christian who cusses! A Singer who cant play an instrument! Studying Fitness when I have 50 pounds to shed! I Could go on Forever(a) lol.
But I am who I am, I love myself, and I tell others to take me or leave me.
Point is...New York, no matter how far or long Im gone. Will always be with me! Who I am. And where I came from.
Missing my Ladies tonight,
Thinking about Sex and the City (thanks Benny)
Jamming to Alicia and JZ and waiting for lil Man to be in Bed so I stop being Bitched at by my 9mth old who's learned a ton of Attitude from his sisters!
Nighty Night!