Monday, September 19, 2011

this is fresh off the brain, brainstorming game.

You promised the World,
And when its been torn,
You held my hand as we
Weathered the Storm.
It has been said
You must learn to Tred
To walk the line
so youll come out fine.
Holding me close
Lovings in Full dose.
Having the time to
to Cherish you
Its not same way
like it was Yesterday
But We have grow up, stronger
laughing harder
Making the rules as we go
something no body knows
other then you and I
enjoying our family time.
Lets me a rollercoaster
seem like a teeter totter
Taking the good with the bad
learning to smile when Sad
having the guts to say
what we mean in that day
For tomorrow, is never sure
Say I love you, always more
Carefully we slip into sleep
tomorrows another leap
You promised the World,
and when its been torn,
you held my hand
and we weathered the storm.

This is what happens, I get a feeling I need to just write, what what Im thinking in that very moment, whether is makes sense or not, whether lines match or dont. I may jump from subject to subject or keep coming up with the same type of line, but the point is to just write with out stopping
and sometimes the product, though raw. Is something worth keeping written down.

How I do love a good brainstorming.!