Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One down

I made it. She made it, We made it I felt the tears starting to reach the edge of my eyes but....SUCKED them back in. It wasnt until that moment.... last night i had butterflies and weird dreams. Woke up to get ready and kept the girls in their room playing. Trying to keep Sophies mind some place other then her morning routine. Poor kid, No yogurt, no milk, no food or drink of any kind. We left early again to put her mind somewhere else. It was just she and I and open play at the park. NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE. Granted it was 8:30am. But the park was hot, the sun had been welding its Heat for a while by then, the only sounds around was local traffic the fountain and the sprinkler watering the soccer fields next to us. Even with the heat tho...the dew from the morning and puddles from the wash down had not been dried up...She wound up with a wet tush, that I tried to dry under the hand dryer in the restroom ;) Enough quiet excitement, off to Madigan Army medical Center we went. It was the busiest I had ever seen it...yet. Crowds of people AND parking geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, somehow I lucked out. Just as I turned the corner to start tracing my 2nd park lot section, a van backed out with no one around it waiting...and would you know it, the first spot of the row. :) Found our way to where We'd never been, and Miss Sophie wasnt so helpful in the nursing room. Shes done it a million times before, and this girl has seen enough of busy nurses. But we got it. Her weight, her height, her O2 and temp. Though from throwing a fit her temp was 99.4 she puts a whole nothing spin to HOT HEADED when she gets mad. WAITING, WAITING, WAITING,MORE WAITING WE DID~WAITING WAITING AND MORE WAITING~ and then WISHING I BROUGHT IN MY JACKET, the AC HAD ME FREEEEEEEEEEEZING.I was amazed on how patient she was down in the main waiting area. played, sat on me, watch tv and not once did she try and pet, nor looked really at the therapy dog laying across the seating area....ODD? HELL YEA, she loves strange Dogs lol. ALL the waiting for the easiest and fasted procedure. A Cat scan. But since she is little and young had to be gassed and put to sleep. She took the Docs hand, and then into his arms, where I trusted them to do their job right. I couldnt watch. She left me, with out a tear. But me....I guess my face was a bit nerved as a strange lady waiting in the same area, asked me if I was OK. Literally 5 minutes later, Im speed walking behind the docs and my little sophie passed out on the bed, rolling to recovery.Thats the moment the tears I had were trying to make their appearance... "everything went well mom" He said, "she didnt even fight me, like most kids do" Thats a relief as I warned them how her temper could get. In Recovery she laid sound asleep, the nurse asked to compare my band to hers....LOL....WHAT BAND? I DONT HAVE ONE AND NEITHER DOES SHE? Nurse looked perplexed...."thats never happened before" But all was verified and things were ok... I SWORE that sleeping beauty was ALLLLLLLLLLLL MINE! 45mins into recovery just about and she woke up. Was given a popsicle and off we went home. Tired, hungry and ready to just be left alone~ Step one completed many many many many more to come ~*~*~~*~