Monday, September 26, 2011


Its so annoying sometimes, wanting to BLOG!
Wanting to blog and write out my feelings at the moment I have them. Express myself and a situation I want to highlight.
Give my two cents and Have a ventation centered blog.

I have so much I want to spill onto these pages, yet because I have a certain audience...Its not really appropriate. ANNOYING!
Annoying I want to really vent, and because of retaliating folks, I can not.

But do I let ligit feelings sit and fester once again...and 2 years from now explode? hahaha it would be deja vu.

It would be healing for me. Im stress and feeling pressured and mad and it all makes me think of the Story of the Wolf in sheep clothing.

Ugh its so annoying I have to be vague........

Plain and simple Bullshit

but then again such things makes me think a movie line (yet again)
"you cant spell families with out Lies...AM I right? or AM I RIGHT?"

Cue evil laugh

Wheres a falling house when I need one ;)