Wednesday, September 28, 2011

magic Fingers

Wee little hands
Move back and forth
Creating Words
Wee little hands
that tell a story
magic fingers

Sophie has been amazing with not only signing, but looking for the sign. Watching my hands. Pointing to something and then turning to look at what the sign is. She is more in tuned in what Im trying to teach her. Its been so awesome to experience.
Ryan, Tho he does not sign. He too has been paying more attention to hand signs and gestures. He leaves his gaze a few extra seconds on me to see If A sign comes with what I say.
Emily will ask, "is this the sign" "is this how you do it" "whats the sign for...?"
We are a working signing family.
Coming along just fine. Fine tuning where it needs and adjusting our sense of behavior now that we have 3 fully understanding kids ;)who catch on to everything said around them, by us, and the World they live in.

A very well rounded out Month here for September.
Cant believe its just about Over already!
Im going to blink and its Going to be us waking up Christmas morning AHH
I wont complain too much about it ending, This year has been a hard one~