Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello September

Welcome September. What a great day. Danced our hearts out this morning doing some cleaning. All bathed and then off we went to greet the day. My schedule didnt go exactly to plan, as the commissary, (Since its pay day) WAS JAMMMMMMMMMED packed. Not to mention they are doing the case lot sale. So didnt want to bother heading in with all me kiddos. So that will wait till later. Off we ventured to a different side of post. TO a NEW neighborhood, where I was meeting up with a talented woman I found on facebook. Unpacked my troops and brought them into her beautifully decorated home. It was warm, and pretty, Fall colors and painted walls (yes here onpost) Nice furniture, window treatments, and two darling little kids of her own. Sat down in her cubbie hole on one side of her home. A tiny closet space just big enough for a chair, a stool, a tiny table and shelves. My kids ran to play and Ryan patiently sat in her livingroom not once tried to go up her stairs (which I was nervous about) We had great conversation in her tiny room. Which was good, it was taking my mind off of the, tingling, ouch, ooo, ahhhing that was going on in my head. Left arm out! Left arm getting the first tattoo ive had in 8 whole years, HOWD THAT HAPPEN! Thats a lot of years! I cringed a few times, took a deep breathe once, closed my eyes once, and all for this for a 1 inch long tatt. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But So glad she was friendly and it wasnt akward silence during the 30 mins it took. We talked the whole time. WHAT A RELIEF. Finished product...LOVING IT! Simple and pretty and my only VISIBLE one. But not my last. Already planning my chest tatt that will represent myself and my family. And Currently hoping Matt will be the next one in her cubbie hole. Simple, Black, small, meaningful to me. Supposed to be an Angelic Symbol. Whether real or not. It was meaning to me. It Means.... Honesty. Something I never was good at as a teenager, something that took me YEARS and EXPERIENCE to learn to be. Something Im still learnig about. And this will be a daily reminder. HONESTY. Took a couple fights, and losing friends and FAMILY, to make me realize that not only should I not be scared of stating the truth, in what I feel and see. But to be honest to myself as well. After All, when lieing, to someone else, you still are lieing to yourself as well. All my tatts have meaning The first one I ever got. the Dragonfly with the devoted chinese symbol next to it, represents still to this day,the Devotion I have to my friendship, My friendship with Jeanna. While, she and I went at the same time, same day, same artist. Even tho hers, if a different one and may have different meaning. Mine will forever be in regards to Her, Even though time has long passed. We have gone in different directions, not the same point of view, and have had spells of not all doesnt matter. Jeanna is with me forever, and will always be with me and not just because of the perminate reminder on my body. the 2nd tattoo isnt as symbolic, by any means. A beautiful Cross, wrapped in Cherries. A cross for I Do believe in The Lord Jesus Christ, an Cherries because....Well, whats better then Cherries? I decided that Im not going to get my kids name tattooed on me, at least not yet. But Will get my BIG tatt to be the Soul I believe we as a family have. And include 5 for our size. Placed near my heart :) Gonna really have to save for this one! All in All, GREAT start September, GREAT START. Lots to get done this month. So I hope the stride lasts. Busy Month brings us one step closer to our first........ Well that for another Blog at a much later date ;)