Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crime and Punishment

Im wondering something after having a long conversation with my mother this afternoon. Im wondering about Punishment fighting a crime.

If you ever did something that you knew was so wrong...and weighed out possible punishments...would you still do it?

Would you take calculated risks that may out weight any faltering?

What if you did something out of your control...something that can not be helped...and got punished? Is it fair? Is it justified?

What if you were tried and punished for the same "crime" over and over again, because the punishment didnt do what it was used it still justified?

I am asking this because....

What if you knew someone who has a learning disablity...maybe...or maybe Austic...or maybe some of Mind boggling situation that makes everything else around their lives that much more difficult.

What if you kept failing grade after grade, class after class, Pretending to not care, but really just gave up years ago because your situation was never addressed? You put in time for a while, worked hard,concentrated, changed your scenery....and still failed. But not Because of lack of trying, but because you just do not get it. Because your mind is working alittle differently then average?

What if your parent, Punished you for it. Grounded you? took away TV, video games, music. ALL home FUN! But said it was ok for you to watch...your brother play that video game you want to to!
But Honest To God, you have a learning disability that well the parent seemed to be aware of, and has yet to follow thru in testing...but has the thought that its possible, that the failing isnt due to just slacking off....but yet even tho its out of your control...and you are scared about it, and frustrated and seem to be left behind yet are the one suffering at home as school...because you are being punished.

Is being punished going to make the underlined situation go away? is it going to make you pass classes...when truly you cant?? NO! SO why make it harder on the person?

It makes me so sick to know someone in this situation. I got teary eyed. I was sad. He doesnt want to be tested...but we all know its for the best. It will only improve what hes already good at. It will only make him stronger.

Hes the type of person who needs to be pushed sure! An insentive...punishing him just makes him that much more up set, and begruding.

His Crime...thats not with in his own physical control...doesnt fit his punishment. Its a slap in the face if anything more.