Friday, October 28, 2011

...Says it all

I knew there was a reason Sophia Picked this costume out. When she had her option to be a tiger...Black cat...or This little Devil. Obviously she went right for that pitch fork. And Leave to this little cookie to show her silly devilish side once that pitch fork was in hand and those horns upon her head...She TORTURED her sister there after.
Who of course was a little beautiful Black cat. Yes true, its not really halloween tonight. But we had a company "party" for Trunk or treating. A haunted house and costume contest to attend.
We didnt go all out this year, but even in the Pooring Washington Rain we had a great time.
Shivering in the Washington Rain that IS FINALLY HERE! Collecting candy, going trunk to trunk, visiting and adoring the fun costumes Soldiers and their families had on.
To inside the battalion for the haunted house and costume viewing. Sophie was enjoying looking at all the things in the glass displays, more then the kids costumes. But did take a liking to a few scary masked patrons.
All in all it was a successful wet evening. Out and About On Monday for actual Trick or treating. Little Ryan doesnt have a costume this year, so hes tagging along for the fun of seeing all the spoooooooooooky things! THings our kids tend to love~

Happy Halloween weekend Bloggers. Enjoy it and keep safe~ Have a SPOOCTACULAR adventure