Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if My Parents Parental Skills influenced my dislikes and likes.
For example. While I have witnessed my own allergic Reactions to Cats, and kittens alike. Now I have 2...and wonder if really most of the time, my parents used it as an excuse for the mere fact they are not cat people. So until recently I always said...I wasnt a cat person myself.

Same thing with Food preference. "Eww Indian Food?" "dont eat Chinese" "thai Food are you crazy" "bbq chicken Pizza, and with Pineapple?..Gross" A few lines Ive heard.
I was always told to buy and use Red potatoes growing up. It wasnt until This past year that my thought on something so dumb like the type of potatoe to use was changed. Not really even changed, it was drilled in me to use red. But when prices of red pots grew above what my cheap butt would pay and I started using other TYPES, I realized Im not a fan of the reds. With exception to using them in Pot Salad. They kind of...suck! in comparision.
"dont go to that side of town" ....when That side of town had the best italian cafe. "dont watch those movies" even if they were hits in the box office.
Little things, remarks, how they talked, walked, what they did, didnt do. How they reacted to situations. How funny that our perspectives as parents, reflect down onto our Children. How our Choices effect their lives now, and later in their own walks of life. How much we influence decisions, and point them in the direction they are taking. Parents we are quick to take credit for the positive things our children do, but how quick we are to not take blame for the poor behavior they have. Or the life coarse chosen by them. Then saying "they are their own person" "they made their bed" what have you~! I, am a reflection of my parents lives. I have fallen short, where they have, and on my own account as well. I have not lived up to my parents expectations for me, on my own accord, I dont think I ever really wanted to do what they wanted of me. In which case, I then have made my own bed.

But really. Its perspective. Right? It may be how I see things. And You, my readers, may see it different.

We are representations of our families, are we not?
Ive been called, a bad seed, the Black sheep, the wayward child. But then...So has my therefore, are we really the BAD ones, that got so messed up, as they say. Or are we reflections? Mirrored after images that we had growing up. In which case...we all learned in Science class how mirrors work, how light is refracted. Bounced off of with regards to camera lens'.
Color me Rosey, but Im darn proud of the things Ive been through and the road Ive taken. Blame has been placed around for things, and Being called screw ups has been thrown into the mix,but I see myself as seasoned. More seasoned then my parents were, Im well rounded (and not just in figure lol)
Thats my Perspective.

As for my Children, Im bound to screw them up in one way or more. Scar them, torment them, mold them, steer them. And Know, that they will be just fine! Because I will have done for them,exactly what my parents did.
Give them directions knowing they will choose their own path, hold their hand till they want to let go. Keep them safe! And do what I wish I was always given... Love them But love them with out boundaries. Let them fly~ Let them go~ Let them Be~

And Be sure I have raised them to the best of my ability.
Give them perspective with out trying to put my different ideas and ways in them. Let them be who they are! And love that they are who they are.

Maybe I wont do a better Job, because Lord knows their my kids and that means my crazy DNA, but I can hope that All I ever wanted for in how I wanted my Parents to treat me, the hopes I had for Relationships, and such...will be remembered and guide me, in how to be with my Children.

Perspective. its all I have`~`~`~`