Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh that little Black Cat

"Cats and the Craddle and the Silver spoon
Little Boy blue with the man on the Moon"

Makes me think of my father. Makes me think of riding in Trucks with my Father.

The song was brought to my head, and memories flood there after.
All because that little black cat. Not to mention "little boy blue" is what I refer to Ryan as! With his Blue eyes
Our NEWEST furry member.
Name to be announced we are stuck between a few.

Isnt our newest little boy so darling? Playful and allergy making ;)
But Worth it. Hes going to be some work tho. As Our beloved Gypsy wants to play so much with him, curious as can be. But oh that little black cat, refuses to be nice. Hides where Gyps cant reach him, hisses LOUD and makes this God Awful Whine, Like something you'd hear in the Jungle. NEVER in my life heard this sound and especially not from something so Small.

He was born right here on Fort Lewis. August 14th. He finally ate some dry food this morning, after we made Gyps go lay down on my bed.
He also has already figured out how to jump the kitchen gate ;)

But right now hes not liking our Poor Gypsy, Im hoping she can win him over with her beauty!

Our Gypsy...her song like every member in our home has...little jingles I sing to them hers is "gypsy cat Gypsy cat I love you".....who knows the real song its derived from hmmm? guesses? its simple

Then Oh that little black cat and the gate

He has been pretty playful this morning, but now as I blog hes napping. He snuggled himself between to warm fridge and the counters. Cant reach him, and he looks peaceful.
The Kids have been pretty good. Playing with him, and trying to figure out a name. Ryan of course, who takes after matt in animal love, has been trying to get his little hands on those paws. Hes has come close but Oh that little black cat! ;)

Silly us getting an ALL black kitty during this time of year.
The spooks and the crazies all out to hunt down the Bewitching little loves. But He WILL not be an outdoor cat.
The kids cant wait to trick or treat.
Emily picked out a black cat costume (long before this little kitty came here tho) and Sophie oddly enough when given two choices to chose between of COURSE SHE PICKED the little red devil costume ;) awe my devilish sweets.
Emily helped me and Matt decorate for the first time ever our house outside. Not much, but a little bit of spookiness that our kids love. Enough to satisfy them and help ring in the HOLIDAY season.
Its MONS-TOBER people get with the program.
Cant wait myself for the Family channels 13 days of Halloween creepy movie-thon.

We will keep that little black cat safe tho, no worries!