Saturday, October 1, 2011

My October

Hello there Fall. Hello October.
My most favorite month,
nothing really special takes place, as none of our birthdays are during this month, nor favorite Holidays.
Its just October.
Just October.
But I love it.

Its the 1st! Today we will ring in a new month with our first ever hostest Lewis Unit BBQ. Course here at our home. Thank Goodness for Craigslist free section,or most everyone would be camped out on floor for lunch ;)

Simple...Beer, burgers, dogs and Chicken. My spicy Chili and some Italian Bread to munch on. Socialize and Get to know some of this Units characters. And Answer the Most popular question I get, when Meeting someone, who knew Matt first. tehehehe "how do you put up with him?"
Im asked that all the time....that is until they see how we interact with each other, and my "come backs" of savvy sarcasm. They it hits them....ah shes just as quirky as he is...minus the temper ;)
Should be an interesting day!

The front of the house is all decorated on the outside with a little Spooky fun. Spider webs and a Medium ORANGE spider. 2 ghosts and some signage of course. Window sticks and Autumn wreath. Hopefully soon adding some pumpkins and corn stalks.
EMILY and SOPHIE love the "scary" decor. Sophies Sign for Scary is super cute! Her face while signing it...PRICELESS
And Ryan, just like last Halloween is mesmerized by The Halloween decorations. I remember Him viewing all the homes at Irwin last year, that BY the way, did halloween super well. His gaze always went straight for the ghouls and goblins, green witches and oozing bloody corpses. HES MY BOY! and fasinated by it. Im sure next year when hes more able to pick out his costume it will be something freaky ;) and thats A-OK by me!
I just love all this fun stuff!

Hello October, be good to us please :)