Monday, October 17, 2011

A Rose By any other name Would Smell as sweet ~W.S Romeo and Juliet.

As I was watching the Extreme Home make-over addition that took place in Orange County NY (my home county) last night. The Mother spoke to her sweet daughter about The fact that Flowers...(like people) are beautiful no matter what their shape or size is. I have a hard time watching this show because of the stories about these families lives always bring me to tears. But in patriotism To Good Ole O.C we DVRed it and watched it last night. Course We sat there in tears most of the show, and Loved the home they built and found joy in knowing some friends had taken part of doing a local family this awesome deed. (sadly didnt see anyone we knew on the show tho, we kept an eye out)
However, It also made me wonder something. This family was doing everything in their power to get a message out about their family and their daughters life...but it took a show, to raly locals to get involved. Sometimes, we are so busy with out own lives that we over look the lives of other people around us. people we know...and even dont know. We get caught, "eyeing" the child or adult down the aisle that looks different, sounds different. Whisper about them, and just walk on. Not putting too much more thought into them. Not taking the time to say hi, or flash a smile. In fact we prefer to Look away quick when they see us staring instead of look them back in the eye. Making that Person thus feel targetted. Awkward. Left wondering why? Its not about offering help, if they dont want nor need it. Its about being Friendly,even to that which is unfamiliar to you. A look, is just as MEANINGFUL, as a gesture, or words.
Something Ive realized With Sophie is that Right away Kids KNOW that Sophie is a little bit different. So they become stand offish...and then run off to something more familiar, comfortable for them. It has always been my Hope to be a better parent. Im not perfect by any means, and lose my temper with them, and shut myself off at times to escape the madness. But thing I know for sure is that my Kids embrace difference. I wasnt exactly sure how it was going to work in them. I hoped that Teaching them to be accepting of all people would be enstilled in them and Id see it later in their lives. Emily however taught me that no matter what age, they can do the right thing, when taught. We as parents are the biggest influence on them. They will speak like us, walk like us, use the words we use and how we use them. And have the Mannerisms we have...good and bad, Bad hopefully only until they are old enough to have learned different and change it.
So Emily taught me. One afternoon while letting them play at the McDonalds playhouse, there was alarge group for the day. One Young girl, maybe 7, Was Tall, skinny, beautiful and Had Down syndrome. Everyone who knows my Emily, knows how long it takes for her to warm up to people, even friends and Family shes known for a while, she needs space to take it all in during visits. She is especially hard to crack with young girls. For she'd much more prefer to play with boys but hides and waits things out before playing with girls.
However on this particular afternoon. With this Wonderful little girl. Emily had no reservations. No hiding. No shyness. Just took her by the hand, and they played. And they Played, and Played together with Sophia. and played some more. Tons of running Children around them, boys and girls of all ages. Then it was those 2...and Sophie with them at times.
So I was taught on that day. That The Mannerisms I need to project around my kids especially. are the ones that will create Such wonderful additions to this World. This world that takes each others limitations and holds it against them. Who barely embraces change. Who hides the differences.

Theres tiny pockets all over the U.S of people doing their good deeds and being led by their differences to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world they see. These Tiny Pockets are not always shown light. It took an ABC televised Show for A Group of volunteers in O.C to do their good deed. And it was a good deed. But what about the days they arent being put in the spot light. What about all the leg work to get there. What about all the effort behind the scenes.???

You know, My Family has been through so much. So many different heart aches. I know that things arent as simple as they are said. And My aunt Jo made a great point one evening last month. Childhood Cancer Awareness month...As She Lost her daughter (and my baby Cousin) to Cancer. That Breast Cancer, has done so well with in the media on getting its awareness out there, Millions of dollars into the research of it. That even the NFL wore pink to show their support on the cause. WHICH IS SPECTACULAR. But what about other illness' or life changers, or differences out there that dont get as much awareness?
And on this base. Where Autistic awareness is huge....and needs to be,dont take me the wrong way. How do I get people to raly for my families Cause?
How do you get people to listen? If you dont have the clout? Where can you make that light shine?
It all starts with one family...
It all starts with having meaning...

Point is on this crazy manic Monday...
We need to be meaningful.
Show meaning, and not just for the "once I did this..." feeling. But for a feeling that will never go away. that you will feel when you wake up and before you say your prayers before bed.

MEANINGFUL MONDAY...what do you want to give meaning to?