Saturday, October 8, 2011

Something so small

The stack of papers sit neatly piled on my counter top. The black ball point pen pointing toward the same seat I grace myself each day. Yet I can not get myself to fill them out. Ive had them since Last Saturday. Who knew something so easy, would be so hard to get myself to do.

Fact is, it will start the change that will effect each and everyone of our lives. It will effect how I think, where we want to live. What our future will be. Filled out or not. Really!

The process is long. The idea is scary. The stress it will have on us as a family. The results...fingers crossed...will be amazing.
But though I have spoken about not letting the fear of the unknown hold someone back...I cant help but be paralyzed. Torturing myself by leaving it in plain view.

Its a big step. And for me, who has thought upon it time and time again, its earth moving.
Here I am thinking about myself in this.
What about the kids?
How will it effect them?
How will it change their lives?
Where will it lead them in their own lives?

Something so small.
Something life Changing for one.
WILL create a different life for all of us.

Its name...

The Nucleus 5

With this she will move mountains