Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wolf pack

Last post, Last day of the month. August flew by and I surpassed my most posts in a month number and practically blogged everyday. Those who know me, and know me well, since I was in junior high. Know, I ALWAYS kept millions of pretty journaling notebooks with in reach. I wrote so much, Ive worked my little fingers into numb-nation now that Im "old". Not surprising since I still have a giant drawer full of journals from the age of 19 till now. Although now most of my journaling is done...right here. On this Blog. Where my fat fingers can move faster and Dont cramp as quick. "darn you carpal tunnel"...Ahhh its ok, I switched from scenic beautiful hard covered blank paged books, to blogger backgrounds that I can change from time to time. Season to season, theme to theme, mood to mood if I like. For everything in me, LOVES change. From my hair color, to my toe polish, to the way I drive to the market, to number of ways I'll rearrange my house furniture. Perhaps, Once, I was that of a real life gypsy. Perhaps, in my blood line, there was such a soul. Perhaps I was an inhabiter of a roaming animal. OO Perhaps. Maybe I shouldnt question the why? The where did it come from? and just live it. Im a traveler by heart and soul. Here it is, I feel like. The wind is telling me that the Fall will be crashing down quickly on us this year. Its bitterly cold today, after the warm week we had. So, they say it will warm up this weekend, but truly, FALL is right around the corner. I feel like the Actress from Chocolat, you know the One with Johnny Depp (yuuuummmy) Moving with the wind, place to place, rebuilding and renewing life each time. It was the Wind in that story, when it blew from the North, that swirled that get up and go vibe in her. ANDI wonder...Is it really so wrong to leave a trail of foot prints. To gather knowledge of many homes.????? Im not a creature of habit. Im not a pack rat. I find it funny actually, that twice this week, Friends who have been welcomed into my home, comment such as "wow you have so much room in here" "are you waiting for your furniture to still arrive" (thats a good one ) " my kids would love to have this space to run" ANd I Laugh, because It actually makes me feel good. While we do need a few more pieces of furniture...It will never be over crowded. My house is not spick and span, theres often spilled milk or a crumb trail of crackers or cheerios, that I leave till later in the day. Because my kids, are messsssssy as AM I, and it will be right back in that same spot after its picked up anyway. SO we save our cleaning time till evening. When the warm sun is passing over the mountains, bowing its head to the trees and greeting Another World on the other side! Our Story is much the same. We are, though as much as we have traveled, the Family we strive to be. Molding each other, ourselves, and the Character, that I hope, As we pass through many towns, Each of the Friends we make along the way DO infact see. Not perfection, Not smug, nor goodie two shoed, But Pleasant, Honest, trusting, FUN LOVING, open. We are true in our natures as lovers, For when we do bring others into our life, we love them wholly. We do not seek anything from them, But Loyalty as well. Yes, Times may get tough, and I, who speaks up mostly, who challenges and can butt heads with others, Is merely A woman. AND the simple Character of such to be protective, and loyal to my family and friends. Ones I keep close, which are few. But I am Loyal, and my friendships will with stand any battles (be it I start them or not) if that Friendship is meant to be, and thus Means something. Good friends, know with me, Prolonged bouts of not seeing each other or spending time together, comes with me...I know who my close friends are. AND that no matter what, we will start back up, where we left off. Its a part of my nature to roam, to be free, and yet, keep a piece of home with me. I trust my gut, when and where it leads us. Each time may not be a perfect move, but its a lesson, and experience We take with us then. Leaving behind our family crest and bringing memories with us. For while others may see our life style silly, intimidating, daunting, hard for the kids. For me, I am teaching them, More then I ever could with roots. We scale mountains. We have reached out and touched stars. We've sailed on an ocean, and blended with the burning sun on the driest American Soil. We have a pack. Joined together for the basic cause of just being together, surviving together. Through hardships, and Fantastic moments. We have seen it all, felt it all. Witnessed it from afar, or within ourselves. When matt and I end up arguing (sadly in front of kids)Emily's Instinct is very Alpha...Settle it Now, With her words of "Stop, we are all Family and we are always family"....hahaha usually ending with "dad". Shes my keeper! :) Im not a fighter. Unless I feel the need to jump into and physically or wordfully protect them that I love. I'll weld a quick growl of aggression, but if that warning shot is then ignored FULL ON TEETH be showing.
We are the ultimate, Traveling pack! Loyal to our family name. Soulful, and prideful.