Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Its kind of Spooky that...

This last week of October Dragged on~ Seriously

I was having huge anxiety about things in general and really feeling the tug of Home sickness! Missing everyone, everything, the sites. Feeling sorry for ourselves that we keep missing all the things our friends are going through. Not being there to celebrate with them, not even there to join in on the Chaos of an October Winter Storm. I was sad.

We began talking about Middletown. Orange County. Getting out of Army and moving back home. Thinking about what we can do professionally to get us there, keep us there and raise our family where we were raised. The benefits. The Joy of being around friends, and not being stuck at home all the time, surrounded by very unkind people~
Jobs of course was the biggest question...And as we planned our 2013 return home. The Home sickness started to wear off. The memories of struggling more then now, flooded in. The Family Issues I have flooded in. The busy, crime ridden, and BUSY thoughts came back. The thought of the price of living came back. And the more we talked about going back, the more we talked ourselves right back out of it.
I miss my friends and their kids more then anything. I so wish I could see their kids growing up with mine. And If The Lord wants us back in O.C to stay for good. Then I suppose thats where we will wind up. And it will all work out as it should. 2013 is super far away. But re-enlistment time isnt that far and a decision needs to be made.
I think the home sickness has a lot to do with the fact we have now reached the longest point we have ever been away from good Ole Mcity. Before the army. We stayed the longest in Sumner Iowa,right before I was preggers with Em. We had been gone literally 13 and 3/4th months. Here we are now in NOVEMBER (praise the Lord) one month shy of a year and half away from New York. A nice long Visit is in desprite need for darn sure.
I cant help but wonder, would we make it for our family if we did MOVE back there?

Well for now we are in Washington. And going to make the best of it, by just keeping us busy. Ive decided that if I cant make friends,(and not for lack of trying) then getting kids into activities and sports to fill up the empty time, is the most wonderful thing to do. Thinking, Ballet, Gymnastics and Music classes. Plus soon enough Sophies Therapies will be starting up and thats going to be an adventure all by itself. Im excited for her, and nervous all at the same time.
So On this Thoughtful Tuesday, Im welcoming November with a Vanilla Creme Coffee and maybe a trip out and about.

The Kids had a fantastic time trick or treating. Though Ryan was fiesty and yelling and whining the whole time. They wore the wrong shoes and wouldnt let us switch them, resulting in sore toes for Sophie. Who barely let me touch her last night to help her along. She was in some kind of Weird mooooood. We went to the other side of post for it. But I left a Halloween bowl on Treats on my porch being held by our Ghostly friend and covered in the webs. When we got home, the bowl was there, but no treats thank Goodness~ ;) I had to do our part. INstead of being one of those non participating homes here on this post. Again, I say people here, not so cool. Not so friendly. The Crowds were....ehhh not that big all night...and few houses actually were handing out treats. Meanwhile If I look back last year at my Tinks during Halloween. I remember having to Have Sophie in the stroller with Ryan, and the crowds being so thick. AND EVERY HOUSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, made sure to leave treats, or leave someone to hand out treats. Come on its a Military post, you would think, it was a given. Guess one can never truly be satisfied by the place they live. Always going to complain about something right? For me with Irwin it was Ladies and their gossip bitchyness, and being FAR from life lol. Here its the opposite, too much traffic for my taste and closed off rude and boring wives. HA~ Is there not a happy medium?

Last year Halloween flash back, WARM night~

My little Fairies.

New 2011 Halloween fun~