Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 10

Who does this?
Says they are thankful for a difference.

Who does this?
Says that with out this difference our life wouldnt be as it is, in a good way.

Who does this?
Wants to not change the way God has made them.


For on this 10th day for a Thankful Reason I am Thankful for Sophie's difference. Her being deaf. I feel like ubber proud to be the mom of such a splendid little deaf girl. I feel as though our family has been given the chance to grow in more ways then most other families wouldnt know.
I feel as though all my children will have a better respect and appreciation for difference, and embrace those who are often pushed aside.
As we have been witness to the horrifying ways strangers and even friends treat difference,and have treated Sophia.
I am thankful to be a bi-lingual and bi-cultural family now! To use our hands and mostly our expressions to communicate.
Im thankful Sophia is Sophia,bright eyed and funny, and boisterous. A tall order of attitude stubborn-ness.
I know its not the usual thing to say "im thankful shes deaf" but she wouldnt be Sophie if she wasnt. Her looks wouldnt speak for themselves, her body language make you smile the same.
I would never want her to suffer the way she could, because of her difference. Which is why its our duty as parents to teach them to embrace it, to love it and show it with pride. TO not be scared of the World and stupid people in it. Ignorance for some May be bliss but then they miss out on so much more. Chances to get to know the Power of the Mind, and see that differences only make people that much more fun, strong and interesting.
Course Im greatful, thankful and would KILL for all my children. Emily's coarse sense of humor and budding ambition. Her Story telling and funny one liners. Her passion for Learning Sign, and using it even when she doesnt need to. her being so proud she did one on her own she yells "look mom look this means..."
Ryan coming into his own unique boy personality. Grunting and yelling "down..set...hut hut" tho he misses a few letter sounds while doing it! Walks around with his hands down his pants and diaper laughing and yanking on something I think would hurt...but no he smiles. lol. TYpical Decker Boy ;) Who signs "more" and Waves byebye facing himself.

My loves, my World, my entertainment. My need for strong coffee and an advil at the End of the day :)

Is it easy to tell whos who?

Thankful Thursday Friends...What are you thankful for Today?