Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 5

Can you believe im not even sure what to say tonight?
We spent the day walking around Pike Place Market in Seattle, not to buy stuff, but just to get out, out of Tacoma, out to sea Air, see something new. Experience a piece of Seattle. And Boy was it busy. The Drive wasnt too bad which is good because starting soon Ill be making that Trip Soooooo often. I dressed the kids Warm, In fact too warm, Sophie had on leggings under her pants. But today oddly enough wasnt that cool. It was a perfect temp out there on the Seattle port. We watched the ferries cross the Sound a few times, Got some balloon animals for the kids and just soaked up the air, although international cuisine was wafting through the Market. Saw a man hoola hooping with Singing, playing guitar and playing a hermonica that was wrapped around his neck, a future Gold robot that was standing infront of market. Even a Man painted Silver like a statue, and in fact the Birds used him as one~

It was a low key pretty nice day. Course heard a few complaints, like Im hungry, I need to pee, and Ugh I hate crowds, but over all Taking my not a fan of loads of people family out into an extremely busy part of the City wasnt too bad. They so take after their father in that aspect ;) tehehe.

So today on my 5th day of a Thankful reason
Im Giving thanks to memories. Memories like these. Moments that are simple but ever lasting. Times that even may include brief stressful moments and loads of people, that when My Kids are grown and off doing their own things I can look back and remember...or in this blog which eventually I will print all out.