Monday, November 7, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 7

I have been privilegded to live in a techno High Society. Were it not for Internet connection, Id be more lonely then ever, if it werent for Cell phones I'd be lost for sure. My Kids know it better then I, and Have grown acostume to the vice of Techno convenience. How Engrossed we are by the ability to DVR live TV as not to miss anything, or in my kids case, beable to watch the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER with just a click of a button. How we can watch News Clips from Japan, or Video Chat with a family member fighting in Iraq. We can Play and talk to friends via Video Game Consoles, and order movies from the same. Hearing Devices like Hearing Aids, can be connected straight to a T.V or connect with Blue Tooth. Mechanical Hearts have started saving lives till a real heart can be transplanted...Bionic Body parts for those who have lost a limb. Electric Cars and Solar paneling.
We spend more time soaking in all the Stuff that bounces off our technology then natural fresh air.
While I adore my internet, and its accessability I can remember a mere 5 years ago of a time I was not so wrapped up in it. I didnt have connection in my house and had to go to public Library if I wanted to chat. I remember a Time where all I used was becciboo12@hotmail, or short_n_sweet2122000@yahoo and AOL instant messenger. Had a few spotting video chats and exchanged Emails not Status' or Private Facebook messages.
Ive also seen the gross side of the internet that makes me loath it. That Makes it harder for people with a problem to not get mixed into it.
So I tend to have a love hate relationship with all things modern.
Love internet hate what it can lead to, love cells, hate talking on phone.
Mind you Im probably the only person I know in my circle of Friends who doesnt have a "cool" phone. Its simple, not easy to access the Web, no wifi, no music, no 3G, 4G or smartness at all! and thats just the way I like things.
Sometimes I really feel like my mind was born for a different Decade, I would have been more suited to a much simplier time ;)

Technology has come a great distance for sure. Theres been times I am thankful for it. So on this 7th day of a thankful reason, Im thankful for Modern conveniences, Technology and its ever growing take over.

Before I close out my BLog for today. I have make mention of todays Anniversary.
My Friend passed away in 2006 on this day. From his very own Vices. Not many people understood him or Why we connected, or whatever you want to call it, but We were friends. And I still think about the potential he had, and where we would have been today.
Then in 2007 My Cousin Paige Passed away after battling Cancer. She was 11 years old. I kick myself to not taking the opportunity to Get to know her better when I had a chance to do so a year before she got sick. But I will always love her, miss her and think of her often.
God Speed and Rest in Peace my friend and Family.
You are missed and Loved by many~