Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tis the Season for A Thankful Reason: 8

It Wasnt picture perfect

and it didnt have to be.

It Wasnt always easy, but what ever really is.
It was a story I told to the few who've asked.
It Was meaningful in its own little way.

It is what I asked for, and what I hold dear to me.
It is what i want, and need and desire and hope to keep.
It is My marriage.

It is Love! It is our connection.
It is the beauty of knowing we have each other through the thick and the thin.

Its being able to be myself, and to act as I please.
Its about not trying to impress but impressing them always with out trying.
Its accepting each other, quirks and all. Flaws and down falls.
Its being there through success and hardships.
Its my Marriage

Its Being thankful for the life we choose!
Its Being thankful for the Chance to love your best friend.
Its about sticking through the sometimes painful moments for the good ones.
Its about not being able to see your future with out that someone there.
Its my Marriage.

On this 8th day of Thankful Reasons. Im thankful for all the Hard work my husband does. Im thankful for my relationship with him. Im thankful for everything that has tried us, and lifted us. Im thankful for 2nd chances. Im thankful for him as the Father of my beautiful kids. Im thankful for his Love.
Thank You Matt. I love you ~knup~