Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tis The Season for a Thankful Reason: 17

So oops I missed yesterdays thankful Reason. But it was a rough emotional day on my end, so Im not going to back track. Im just keep moving forward.

Theres one saying of mine that Ive always held to remain true.
"Music makes the World go round"
Everything about Music speaks to me. I dont know much about the ins and outs of sound. Precussions, sopranos, Altos, composer, notes,scales,pitch,consonance,ear training, composition,melody, harmony,rythm and acoustic speaking. Its all hard to follow, I can not read sheet music, but can hit a note of two when Im trying. Sported a few solos and duets in School, sing all day long with my kids or by myself, make up funny lyrics Which is prolly why I love this character "jess" ....."whos that girl" lalala. Love annoying people with song!

Grew up with a very vocal mother and can still remember lyrics like "Love in any language straight from the heart" "It was a morning like this, when mary went down from Jerusalem" "If I had all the riches this world has to give, and I gave it all away, every penny to my name, to some begger on lifes dark and lonely streets, all that kindness found in me could not Win eternity!" Bravely singing in front of crowds, where As for me, my left leg was like a jack hammer.
And not to mention thanks to my mom, We all have a strong eclectic taste in music. One day Im listening to Christian Rock, the next Country, the next Eminem and the Beastie Boys. From Natalie Cole, and Donna Summers to Britney Spears and Rihanna.
I can Sing Soprano but prefer the harmonic Alto side. Can write Lyrics but not notes. And Can see musical talent springing from my Children, Em sings all day too, Ryan pays attention to all music and has started to dance, and Sophie...Even being Deaf, with no knowledge of music sound yet, has a LOVE for it like none other, and may I add, has more rythm and dance moves then I, and Can dance Better to beats then Emily can! Not to say Emily cant of course!
Music fits every mood, music lift spirits, reminds us, keeps us, gives praise and honor. Comfort and joy. Can turn a drab day to fab, and a cleaning spree to fun! Makes long car rides worth the time and helps stir holiday cheer....Just ask Buddy the Elf ;)Sets a mood to a date and a tone to a movie. Draws us in in theaters, Keeps us captivated in Ballets,sparks memories and can lull us to sleep. So tell me, How doesnt music make the World go round?
Music Theory...Music therapy. its there for a reason. its taught for a reason, its art for a reason. Its loved for a reason.
So on this Beautiful cold 17th day for a thankful reason. Im thankful for Music. Im thankful for all music. Im thankful for it being a sliver of a passion for my family.

"music makes the people Come together yea!"~ Madonna

"the rythm is gonna get you, the Rythm is gonna get you, the Rythm is gonna get you, Tonight" ~Gloria Estefan

"So lets dance, the last dance, So lets Dance the last dance, lets dance this last dance, tonight"~ Donna Summer