Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful reason: 2

Woke up this morning. Did my morning routine, put on some Make-up. Turned up the Blinds and saw Frost on the grass, Fog in the distance and a hint of Yellow sun Peeking through dense Clouds and trees. My Windows are pretty much WIDE open all night long, or Ill sweat to death. Wish I was hearing Birds chirping this morning instead of I5. HAHA, isnt it funny. Back in August I blogged about how I got used to the Military sounds, and Missed it surely while living that short time in the Lacey Apartment,I have to say this. We live in the Loudest area I swear. We have I5 to the left of us, The Air field (with CONSTANT Helicopter activity...and yes all night long too)to the right of us, and the Range somewhere Behind us, with light winds that of course carry sound. I love the Sounds dont get me wrong, its eerily Comforting. However, At night and into early morning hrs the 3 sounds together are a tad over whelming. Its no scary WINDs like in Irwin or house rattling action like in Irwin with the bombs always being used in Training, So Im thankful for that. Thankful to be living here right now and enjoying the nature we didnt have for the whole year in california. I cant tell you how Good it feels to see Fog, feel rain, smell the fall. For as silly as that sounds. With that Said it brings me to Day 2 of My Thankful Reasons...And today Im thankful for Experiences. Mostly for the Bad experience we go through as odd as that sounds. Because To me, I feel as though we grow more from the troubles we go through, get ourselves into or Endure for what ever reason(e.i. Nature, natural disasters)more then we grow from Having a good time...all the time. Learning how to cope, to keep moving forward, living with the consequence, mourning, feeling way low, being broken. Gives us more drive in the end to make things right once again. Its amazing what we as humanes can endure, what we can survive, what we live for. God has given us that right to do so. I hate when I hear people talk about the Lord in a negative way. "how can he allow sickness? How can he allow death? How can he allow A horrible Man to kidnap that little boy? How can God allow a Child to be born like this?"...Blaming the Lord for Bad things that happen in the World and in our lives. Which is Not the case.

Our Faith will be tested time and time and TIME again. Temptation, bad thoughts, inpure actions. Bad language and unkind judgements made towards people we see. We all will fall at some point...or like me, many times. My Friend once said to me..."when you feel broken and brought down to your knees, it leaves you in the best position to pray" and that for the last month really has truly stuck with me. I get grouchy, or upset, or annoyed (like i was at my Bank this morning) Ill yell at my babies, or my husband, think about all the wrongs in my life, in me, in my marriage. Think of the should of, could of and one day wills. AND that makes me Human~ The ability to think, to make my decisions and choices is LITERALLY a GOD GIVEN RIGHT~ For that I am thankful as well. Because were it not for my own trials and tribulations, I would not be me, I would not have experienced what I have, touch soil I have, meet the people I have. Im not always happy with the place Im living, and will always have the urge to move, but again, I am me...Just as God has made me.

Wordful Wednesday Friends, obviously I had a lot more to say then I even realized ;)

Courtesy of Aunt Mental's Facebook page ;) she knows who she is and I love her!