Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tis the Season for a thankful Reason: 12

The Time change has made my days seem extra long. Like now its 6pm and feels like after 9. Been checking craigslist all day, looking in the free area, for crafting stuff to re-do the things I saw on pinterest. Im super obsessed with the site right now.

Im feeling like theres been things Ive lost, and things Ive gained. Things that Ive let go of, and wished to have back. Things I work to keep and times where i feel Im the only one working on things.

Its really hard thinking of things to talk about in thankfulness isnt that sad. Ive said all the important things first I feel and now...whats left?
Im sure tons but at this moment I cant seem to think of it.

I will say this, and though it will sound harsh and petty and Un-christian like, I am going to say it Anyway. On this 12th day of thankful Reasons Im thankful my mother is no longer friends with that evil in a blonde wiggin choir preaching looney bin...Lets call her Elaine Stew for special purposes. Nothing good came of her relationship except it ending. Elaine went around telling stories about my mother and leaving all the bad parts that included exclude herself in the story. Left to sit on thats stool of wisdom and honor that she sees in her head. But really........shes nothing special. if only those who are close to her knew the vial things shes said about them, about their kids, and sisters,mothers and relationships and that includes those within her Marykay circle. If only they knew how she would laugh and tell jokes about it and sit at the table bashing moves these people did. Then Smile to their faces and say "oh I miss you" on facebook. How she would use people for food and drinks, make my mother drive drunk because Elaine was drunk too and didnt want to pay the price if it was her caught driving instead. How she would drive to a different state for a booty call for someone she was just meeting at that time. how she claims to be more of a 2nd mother to certain people then my family ever was.
How Rude she sat in front of me, my aunt and my kids one after while bringing her own lunch over to my moms to gossip and bitch about her sex-a-pade the night before, her meddling Husband and her now fake tits. Not speaking a hello to my Aunt or acknowledging my kids were even in the same room. Ate her lunch and left~ Leaving my Aunt and I to say "wow that was uncomfortable"
Can you tell How much this woman got under my skin? Can you tell that It was a toxic relationship, that sure my mom had part in. But PRAISE THE LORD, and finally that is over. And my mom and move on, and let go, and find real friends, who dont down grade every mutual friend she had with Elaine. Now my mom can make her own stories and go places and not be kicked out, or made to be put in a bad situation.
Im thankful for my mom, Im thankful that shes getting better and finally getting things she deserves. Things she needs and can use and is bettering herself. Im proud of her. And for whatever real reason her relationship with Elaine fell apart. it was for the best.
So Im thankful to have my mom back. Im thankful she can see what I always saw there. I tried Marykay, but as soon As I got to know that insane lady I RAN FOR THE FREAKIN HILLS SO FAST...that I never gave it a real chance. Lord knows I would not have been able to live in the Womans tangled web.
Im thankful, like it or not or what I had to say...Im thankful!