Friday, November 4, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 4

you know what I remember about my childhood...Giving my brother John a hard time. He always wanted to be in my room, sleep in my bed, play games with me, Play mario Brothers, me to sing him to sleep, play with my friends, on and on and on.... ;)
We called him Cupcake head, and Johnnyboy, "the butler" which made him cry "I dont wanna be the butt" Insergant and ooo yea Go to Sleep John "come to my bosom" lmfao
used him for getting what we want, as we said he was the "favorite child" and if Jeanna and I wanted to go out for Icecream, we were told no, but if Had John ask if we can was always YES. Go figure ;)
Needless to say, i wasnt very nice. Gave him a hard time, as did other kids in the neighborhood. He was always so....hmm let me think....quirky JUST LIKE ME~ we had times where we would laugh at night from making up songs, flipping off the top bunk and on to the bottom, making BUBBLE tents out of our sheets to sleep in. Rode Bikes together and jumped on the trampoline, Even had sleep overs together at the Binnies. Remembering now He and Brit had an obsession with Count Dracula from Sesame Street and Sleeping beauty....YEAH JOHN I SAID! I out'ed ya ;) I remember some phrase about a Shoe...Figure-o-a????
Johns Awesome rendition of Will Smiths Opening Dance on His sitcom...but ugh Why cant I think of the name. Cuz lets face it, No one has a better head bob then John. Which then takes me back to his quirkiness. Did you know THat John once told me i couldnt wear my hair a certain way in a pony tail because it drove him insane how the hair moved in the pony/bun like thing. Bouncing all around uncontrollable! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He said he couldnt stand sitting behind girls in class when their hair was up like it! OHHHHH my Johnny boy ;)
How bout Johns Goth era! Black Hair and Eyebrows...Really John? ReALLY!?
Or how your belts have to match your shoes...
Now Readers, you may think this is all about The odd behavor of my Brother. Or that Im trying to knock him. But Im not. Truth is, we werent really that close growing up! I was a meanie head.
And truth his That it wasnt until after his high school graduation that we started to get to where we are today. A place I might add that Im super thankful for. Hes amazing. and Funny, and whitty, and charming and did i say Amazing. I love him so much. I feel he doesnt get enough credit from others, nor does he give himself enough credit or anything too. But that will come with time I believe. Hes amazing! Hes strong, and able and has a huge heart. Always trying to spare feelings instead of saying what is on his mind.
Life Changed for him at 11. August 24th to be exact. Thats when he got the call to go down to the hospital. I remember that exactly. Where I was lounging. (on that odd red sofa in the kitchen) holding my sweet 16 birthday gift, a ring, from my parents. My dad had answered the phone.
It was my birthday, and they were packing up my little brother for a trip down to the Childrens hospital in NYC. I was terrified. Jeanna came and stayed with the twins and I while they left. Even drove my parents car to go pick up pizza hut. AHHH memories of that day. we are. 12 years later from that date. Johns here, Johns healthy, hes a survivor. Hes my inspiration, and a reminder!

I was a shitty sister during that time. Only went to the Hospital once. And that was much later, years later. If I could go back in time. I would have and should have been there with him more. Maybe our relationship would had blossomed sooner if I had. What if...He didnt survive? I couldnt even image. But HE was awesome through the whole ordeal. I remember once Coming home Drunk out of my mind, Threw up in the kitchen sink, in the dark ALL OVER dirty dishes, and my mom walked in, pissed at me because I was past curfew, and I was pretending to wash the dark no less. I remember channel surfing that TV with my eyes closed talking...Lord knows what I was saying. Went to my room, threw up all over my bed, and there in the door way was John...a Bucket and a huge bottle of water for me. ~~~LOVE~~~ Now thats something I didnt deserve, and yet he was there, cleaning me up, protecting me...and I had never really done that for him. My Amazing Brother.

Later, as we grew up, he became an uncle. And Still to this day in my kids, I see glimpses of him....ODD tho right. Ryan for example, Blonde, blue eyes...very round head ;) Emily in a few pictures too when she was a baby I remember Mom a few times say..."wow she just looked like John"

John and Emily, Thinking it was when she was about 8 or 9 months old. Maybe a little older.

So after all that crazy talk, all the odd things I said, all the stories. Know that I have such admiration for John, my Brave and terrific Brother.
I couldnt image life with out him now, not having our 1 to 2 hr long conversations on the phone...listening to him say "WIN-SSS-DAY".
On this 4th Day. November 4th, Johns Birthday and my 4th day of A Thankful Reason. Im thankful for my Brother, for his surival, for his bravery, for him being him and for the chance to have the relationship I never gave a chance for growing up. Hes so super special to me, and Im blessed because Hes a huge part of my life. We may be 2800 miles away but hes in my life for good. LIKE IT OR NOT JOHN~ ;)

HAPPPPPPPY Birthday John. I hope your wish comes true. Enjoy every moment of your day, and smile~ Ill be thinking of you all day!!!!

hahaha had to throw the last one in!
Embarrassment is what good sisters do....Remember your graduation...the silence and then "yea John" bahahahahahahahahaha Thats what Im here for.