Friday, November 18, 2011

Tis the season for a thankful reason: 18

long day! Started at 5:26am. Tried to get a few more minutes of sleep but then i was in fear Id wake up really late and run into Seattle Rush hour. Course the day was barely started it was still dark when we left,but my favorite part of morning driving is of course the PHONE tap on the radio. which was a good thing I heard it this morning after hearing an "On-star commercial" DARN YOU TEAR JERKING RADIO ON-STAR Commercials you were obstructing my view for a few minutes~

Today was the start. The start of a brand new journey. But Funny how I always thought the process would be a challenge for Sophie and Mostly just her. Boy was I wrong. Theres a whole new system I need to learn. And to put it simply, I have to try and make my self treat Sophie like a 1 year old again, verbably that is. Everything Im doing for Ryan, in every way Im saying it, I have to re-route myself to include Sophie as well. With Sign of course.
We spent the day at the Communication center of Childrens Hospital Seattle. Did a skills test to see what Sophie is capable of. her ability to imitate signs, her listening skills, her patience, her mouth movement. And How I interact with her and how I point things out and dont point them out. Which is my biggest problem. I talk low, and Got in the habit, of NOT always speaking when I sign...I know shame shame.
2 appointments down. one more main seattle one before we see Dr. Crawford again. Therapy starting for Sophie first week of December hopefully!
Lots happening, lots more work on our end, all for the benefit of Sophie, so its totally worth it.
So on this 18th day for a thankful reason. Im thankful for Sophies audiogram appointment today, for the ladies in the Communication center, Im thankful they all knew SIGN LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not just one of them...........ALL OF THEM!
Im thankful Sophie was so well behaved from the time we arrived at the hospital at 745am till we left at just about 1:45. She was fantastic, she played well, had a little moment of hoarding the waiting room crayons. But was in a general agree-able mood. LOVE LOVE LOVE My Sophie Ge-Ge.
Im thankful matt was able to get off of work to stay home with the other little Monkeys (ee,ee,ee)....dont mind the new therapy sounds I have to practice.
Homework, for us is to decide on a Deaf name for Sophie...this will be tricky. to have it approved by the Therapist in our next session! :)

Was a long, but fantastic Friday!

At childrens!

and received the oddest news on the Audio-gram. They did this fantastic way of testing Sophie while in the booth...And it turned out that she was paying better attention this way, which makes me wonder WHY it was never done this way before....
Sophie scored about 40 points LOWER (which is good) in decibals, while wearing her aids. The lowest shes ever scored before. Which then brought her in the shaded SPEECH area, the lowest point but still!!!!!!!!!! it was in the speech decibal range. at 500 hertz. COME ON REALLY!!!!!!!!!! thats awesome news. Go Sophie