Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tis the Season for A Thankful reason: 9

I know I complain about Tacoma~ I know I complain people here are rude and insensitive and loners, and such. And If I didnt miss my good friends so much I probably wouldnt complain so much because as much as it pains me to say this. The Style of Washington life is pretty awesome. They seem to have pride in their state, everyone likes being out doors. The Colors are fabulous this year right now, From what I understand because of the extra Sugar the trees held onto during the warm September we had. The Colors truly are in-freakin-sane.
The Fact I wake up to it being gloomy and cool, and rainy is terrific in my opinion. I love it!
Because Im short, most every pant bell gets soaked when i walk and I come home with wet socks. The baby flutters his eyes and holds his breathe, after all he is a california Baby ;) The Girls want their hoods on or to hold an Umbrella. Which makes it all the more fun.

Now if people knew how to return calls, and if people were nice this dark wet place would be paradise. But regardless its beautiful and its something and someplace Ive been wanting to see. And now I have been given my chance to reach almost the corner of the United states. How many people get to say,they have lived in every place they ever wanted so far? not too many. Ive been Blessed for the journeys we have been allowed to take, and to survive them all, even when the financial train had a few hiccups along the way. We learn to manage and adapt.

So on this dark 9th day of Thankfulness Im thankful for Washington vegitation. For the Rain we now get to touch and see and smell. The Greenery it gives life to and the chance to wake up and see the Master piece God Has allowed us to dwell with in~ For now that is....Us Gypsies will be on the move again...sooner rather then later most likely~ :)