Monday, November 21, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 21

My kids really like to challenge me. lol. especially during the hours of regular sleep. Whats the point of me going to bed at 930...yes 930 because i was exhausted only to hear Ryan at 10 something, but he fell back to sleep and again hear him at 1130 and had to get up to console him. Which is the same time Sophie woke up from a sore ankle, and always refuses to take pain meds. Then Gypsy is going insane with her LOUD LOUD crying so I brought her in my room, where she rolled around and knocked the fan over and tortured Henry on the other side of the door, who seemed as if he was a giant dog by how he was trying to break through it. Makes me think of "theres something about mary" when Ben stiller is being introduced to Buffy...meanwhile, Buffys on Speed. HAHAHA thats how it sounded, the door was rattling hard, and Henry is no big cat. Sophie wakes up again at 230, which ultimately this time woke Emily. ANd it was all down hill from there. Every time after that, they were hanging out in livingroom, they were playing. NOT listening. ughhhhhhhhhhh building forts naked and hiding by the Christmas tree.
So needless to say Im not in the most wonderful Monday attitude. I had hoped to start off this holiday week on a much better foot. I had hoped to be getting ready for it as well, because Im excited its yet another short week for Matt, Love when hes home, and not to mention he always lets me sleep in, especially if he knows the night I had with the kids. Hm, It wasnt until this I realized what My thankfulness should be.
So on this 21st day for a thankful Reason, Im thankful for long weekends when I have my husband just to our family, and that he lets me have that extra hour or 2 before Im up and hanging with my crazy bunch.

Now if only Maintenance would get here soon to declog the sinks in my kitchen so I can do dishes and run the dish washer, then Id say My Monday is turning round, they have been clogged since early afternoon YESTERDAY! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww