Saturday, August 6, 2011

daily garble

What a way to start of the Month huh? teheh. Its the End of the Summer, School are starting in different places of the U.S already, And Fall decor is reaching the store fronts. Summer is not my Favorite of Seasons, regardless to it being my BIRTHDAY season ;)I love Everything about Fall. And would you know it. I am finally living in a place that Should really feel like fall! lol. Love you Cali but Love my Fall season more!

The smells, the colors, the Warm sweaters, and Holiday fun. Our Family traditions we are creating. Decorating and Warm apple EVERYTHING, in fall.

One thing I will miss in a way the Fireplace in this apartment....BUT its replaced by the ease of moving on base! 10 days till we move and THANK THE LORD! Really wish our new home had all hard floors...with these kids its a must...guess that means Ill need a steam cleaner for my Christmas GIFT!!! thehehe.
Love that we are close to the Hospital and EVEN closer to a park~No more driving to get the kids worn out with fun, and then fall asleep on way home only to be wired again lol.
And an extra 400 sq feet of living ~*~*~ANGELS SING~*~*~

Just one of these rambling days! Nothing important to say, Just one of those "dear Diary" entries.
Today was full of lazy hazy skies at the Steilacoom Park, family talks on the phone(FINALLLLLLY) and Purposely annoying the husband~ Annoying people is a craft that IM SUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPER Great at.
Had a good time at a co-ed baby shower last night and soon to be involved with groups on post. So thank you Fort lewis for Welcoming us so "warmly".

Now lets end summer, it not a real season here in Western Washington anyway~

Going to end this Saturday with a snuggling Movie, hanging with kiddos and my sick kitty. Same Tomorrow, Since MONDAY IS GOING TO BE A LONG tedious day on base with Appointments galore,and down time in between them, hope its nice enough out for the park while we wait!!!!
It will be a day testing my skills, on if I can juggle 3 kids while one of them needs to be in a hearing booth...hmmmmmm! Its going to take finese :/

Till later my readers...Till later